Can WMP make ISO CD's?

I just purchased Weird Worlds Return to Infinate Space… and I just realized I’ve never made an ISO CD before (the game comes as an .iso file) Is there a built-in function in Win XP to do this? If not, what’s a good free program to handle burning ISO CD’s?

Thanks for helping me with such a simple techno-question.

This should do the trick:

Get Nero, all you need. Alternatively, get Winrar, which can open up .iso files as if they were .rar or .zip or whatever, then you can just put the files in a folder and install it from there. Or get Daemon Tools or some other virtual drive program.

Technically, you don’t want to make an ISO file, you want to burn an ISO file.

That ISO recorder looks pretty good.

Super, thanks a ton guys that’s perfect!