Can Xbox gold continue as it is?

I’m a proud owner of both Xbox 360 and a Ps3 (Original fat one actually) and like them both. Recently though, its become more and more clear to me that the Silver membership I have on the Xbox isn’t enough if I want the new features and this annoys the hell out of me.

Ps3 has always had free multiplayer, but have recently started their own version of Gold, only their include a ton of free games instead of just being able to play multiplayer games.

Now, Its been HELL to get rid of my gold membership the last few times I’ve tried on both mine and my GF’s account, and I’m deadset against ever trying it again. I did want to try out the Cloud Storage and that was Gold membership only.

So, this lead me to think, if people still want to support MS and their Gold standard if they keep this up, or if the PS3 has become more interesting to them because of all the extra benefits for less money ?

Keep in mind, that we Europeans have to pay 10 bucks a month to have Gold, not like the special deals I know you people in the US can find so I guess that makes a difference.

I’m not a big console guy anyway, but I do have a XBox 360. When I way poking around the features, it amazed me how much was reliant on the Gold subscription. I basically gave up on the console because of it. When I can get the vast majority of the functionality on my PC for free, why the heck would I pay MS? For people who aren’t PC gamers, maybe things are different.

I bought a Roku box. Screw MS.

The Roku box is also a lot faster, as it doesn’t have to “boot up” and log in.

The debit card I had previously used on the xbox expired this february so I moved over to code-cards for the annual gold sub in may. Should be no hassle subbing/unsubbing if you just buy cards instead.

Obviously you have to move to code-cards for points as well if you want to avoid leaving a payment card in the system.

I haven’t really touched my xbox in a while so you just prompted me to change my settings to not auto-renew, just in case I don’t touch it for a while longer.

Pretty easy, logged in, hit change auto-renew settings, entered a nice emailed security code, then hit this page:

Waiting? WTF am I waiting for? Your page is not auto loading or auto forwarding to the next page and its not processing anything in the background. Oh, you’re waiting for me to find the out of the way ‘continue’ button while you bombard me with ads.

What a completely unnecessary fucking page. I chuckled.

Whatever, hit continue and got this gem:

No shit, Sherlock. I chuckled again.

Nothing pisses me off more than companies that make it difficult to cancel/unsubscribe.
One button press to subscribe, but you’ve got to call “Peggy” to get out…

I killed my Live sub a while back, after realizing that for the past 12 months I had used the Xbox exactly…not at all. Once we got a Blu-Ray player that streamed NetFlix as well as or better than the Xbox, there was zero reason to pay for Live at all. Actually, I’m tempted to sell my two Xboxes, but I think they have so little value it’s probably not worth it.

Oh, come on. It’s a continue button. Yes, it’s mildly annoying in the same way the “Are You Sure?” prompt is annoying when you’re deleting multiple files. It’s not difficult at all.

Regarding the subject, I’m interested in seeing how this goes.

One path is that the next Sony console could go the way of the Xbox and charge for a level of subscription that enables “premium” features like watching Netflix, multiplayer, etc. After all, one could argue that it’s money being left on the table.

Another path is that the next Xbox could follow Sony’s current model and give away multiplayer and basic streaming features and monetize the service with games and other products. The argument being that maybe more people will have caught on and started refusing to pay for Gold access when there are so many competitors for basic streaming services.

I do think both consoles will have to do something. I don’t think the current model for either console is sustainable with the next gen machines.

I’m so glad you posted this thread. It caused me to finally remember to go in and cancel my Gold auto-renew. I keep forgetting to do that and was going to get charged again on 11/1 for a service I barely use.

Damn - Microsoft will sue me soon for this!

This is the part that surprises me most unless some details were left out – Microsoft charges a similar rate for 1 month here, but also gives discounts for longer commitments ($25 for 3 months, $60 for a year). Are those plans not available to you?

During my last year of Live I used my Xbox once to buy some arcade games on sale. It lapsed in March and I had no reason to reup; recently I turned the system on and it was amazing how much I relied on Gold for little things that it provided, and felt gimped without it. To contrast, I bought a PS3 last Thursday and already feel that I’ve got my $50 in value from Plus because of all the free games that I’m actually interested in playing, including a few PS3 exclusives. Outside of losing those games though (smart move on Sony’s part even though I hate it, let people build up a collection of games and they’re forced to keep paying or lose it all) I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything if/when I let Plus lapse. Cloud saves and 60 minute trials don’t add any real value for me.

I have had a Gold sub since Day 1. When it expired last time, I went out and bought a 12-month card at Best Buy. That was at the beginning of August, and I still haven’t activated the card.

I am not really missing the Gold features. I’ve been playing a lot of GW2 on PC, and I have been powering through the Mass Effects on Xbox, so I don’t need multi-player. I fear this card might never be activated!

I could never understand Xbox subscriptions. What are you paying for and why?

Compare it to PC/Steam.

Multiplayer gaming and services like cloud storage and I assume various Tv channels.

Its not hard to understand at all.

Unless you are getting games for free, multiplayer is already included in the price.

Tell that to everyone who sells an Online Pass.

Yeah, actually I think my beef with Microsoft was with trying to remove my credit card from their system. My annoyance at difficult unsubscribes was more of a general, off topic statement!

No. it isnt. You have to be a gold member to play online on the Xbox.

My issue isn’t the service per-se, but the massive (and increasing) double-dipping of gold members. The dashboard is chock-full of the same ads for silver vs gold members and each version is making the ads more prominent and frequent.


There’s a lot less value in Xbox Gold for non-Americans. Aside from being even more expensive, it’s basically a fee just for multiplayer - none of the TV or other features are even given to non-canadians, other than the ability to subscribe to Netflix, which is basically valueless given the number of free alternatives.