Can you handle Rise of the Triad's dumb eternal recurrence?

Title Can you handle Rise of the Triad's dumb eternal recurrence?
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When July 30, 2013

Update: As Dave Oshry, from Rise of the Triad developer Interceptor, points out in the comments section, the dumbness that's forcing me to replay levels -- read on for the specifics -- is partly a matter of my own dumbness for me not realizing there's an option in t

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Hey Tom,

You can goto load game from the main menu and restart at any checkpoint you've gotten to on any difficulty with any character at any time! We probably could have made that more clear, but indeed it is a thing you can do!

Glad you can dig some of the other 'dumb' elements of the game however. ^__^

Ah, good to know! I've put an update in the post. Thanks for pointing that out, Dave.

But I still wish you guys would move the menu options when the player dies. It's way too easy to accidentally click "restart map"!

Yeah, we've had a few people telling us that. Will definitely find a solution in the first patch. Either moving it or making a secondary "ARE YOU SURE?!" popup would work quite well. Thanks for the feedback!


"That’s no so bad"

Big thanks for bringing oldschool gameplay back and complex level design. I know that some reviews will bash the game saying "the graphics are dated" or "the mechanics are dated" But dont fall for it, people who are interested in your game, are interested due to the oldschool gameplay, if they wanted another 2 weapons linear scripted shooter, they would pick any other game.

If you change the game to be more like most shooters out there,you will kill the essense of the game. Please listen to the fans on how to improve the game, not "critics" who started playing games in 2006 and cant play a game unless its linear and scripted with a good story behind it.

I think silly or absurd is more fitting a descriptor than dumb. Dumb is something like magically reappearing soldiers and jeeps in Far Cry 2, a game otherwise filled with elements trying to create immersion through being "realistic".

Only it wasnt "dumb" it was an engine thing. The entire idea was to refresh chunks of the map and not keep interactions so it take less resources , assasin creed also does that.