Can you help me find a cheap Dominions 2...?

From all the love it gets here and my love of turn based games, I want to give Dominions 2 a try…

Anyone know a good, cheap place to get a hold of it? Or have a copy they aren’t using anymore?

Thanks much for helping a funds challenged gamer. :)

I think your best bet will probably be

I’ll sell you mine but let me go home and make sure I can find it first.

Is Dominions 2 a totalgaming offering through Stardock???

Mattc0m, Stardock allows access to Disciples 2, but I didn’t see any reference to Dominions 2 on that site.

I’ve debated picking this up in the past, and would be tempted again if I could find a cheap copy.

…Have you tried the demo?

I don’t mean to be caustic, but if I were you I would really try the demo first. I tried the demo several times, till things finally clicked and I went…“Oh yeah, I want this.” I’ve played a lot since then, but I’m still terrible.

Yes, it’s turn limited. Yes you won’t get the full multiplayer experience.

But if you are concerned about budget, …I would try the demo first.

It’s not a game for everyone.

My bad, I was sure they were selling Dominions 2 (I also saw Displices 2). My bad, I should have double checked before giving off links. :oops:

And here I thought you were just somehow amazingly in the know about our (increasingly inaptly named) November game offering was going to be.

I think I have an extra copy, still sealed, which I picked up on eBay some months back as part of a lot of games. If you’re interested, send me a note.