Can you play Civ4 in a window?

Well, can you?

Google search playing Civ4 in windowed mode, first hit

Goddamit, I tried Google. My search-fu sucks. I bow to your superiority.

It’s easier than that: there’s a checkbox on the “video options” screen.

  • Alan

Jesus. Alright, so I’m retarded. I always knew my age would catch up to me eventually.

Finally got past the denial stage, eh? :P

Your Brain Age: 87.

-Tom, Brain Age: 81

Coca Cola Zero, Brain Age: 43

When reached for comment, Coca Cola Zero screamed “I SAID BLUE GODDAMN IT!! BLUEEE BLUUUE YOU BASTARD!!! DO YOU HEAR WHAT IM SAYING TO YOU?!?! BLUEEEE!!!”

Y’know, at the Nintendo section all the booth babes were wearing buttons saying, “Ask me my Brain Age” so when I noticed it, I did.

The Booth Babe said, “20.”

I said, “You’re shittin’ me. You scored a 20?”

Big eyes, “What?”

“On Brain Age, you scored a 20?”

“No, I’m 20, so that’s how old my brain is.”


Wow, Brain Age is a game? So that is where Carmen Sandiego and her ilk went.