Can you save this picture?

Okay, this page:

When you click on the top stone swatch (Fieldstone:Kentucky), a picture of a house with that stone is on the right. And when you hover your cursor over that house, it trails a LARGER picture of the stone swatch.

I want that larger swatch picture. I looked at the source code for the page and can’t find any reference to it.

I need it to put together a presentation to a dickhead homeowners association so that a family with two children with disabilities can build a sunroom for them to play in. So if you can help me get the larger picture, it will be for a good cause. Thanks!

I hope I won the race to post this!

Edit: I did!

Edit again: Sorry, I misunderstood that you want the larger one.

In Chrome, right-click Inspect Element works.

This is the large picture of the house:

Just take a screenshot and then crop it.

EDIT: Or use a bunch of other people as unpaid serf labor. ?


Screw you, mk. If I’d asked y’all to do something tedious, that’d be one thing, but I was pretty sure someone here would be smart enough to figure it out right away, and I was right. The screenshot idea occurred to me after I posted, and that was going to be my next step. I might be dumber than most of you, but I’m not lazy or inconsiderate.

Thanks again, Lh’owon (and OrfBC).

No worries!

Um … do you mean this?:

edit - nevermind, already handled above.

Sorry, tone failure; I was joking.

Even though you were joking, I just wanted to say that stuff like this is what makes Qt3 great. The idea of someone asking for something, and then half a dozen people leap to the challenge (and at least one person being snarky to keep it entertaining).

I agree - Qt3 has some of the smartest people on the 'net, and I knew someone would solve this problem within minutes and relish doing so.

I’d barely classify this as a problem. Under Firefox, this is as simple as Tools -> Page Info -> Media.

Why are you stealing our stone Volunteer whore!?! I HOPE 10 TO 7 BURNS LIKE THE FIRES OF HELL!

Good job everyone :)

11-26-11 Never Forget!

That’s useful to know – I didn’t know you could do that. Thanks for sharing, Zylon!

Right click -> inspect element on Chrome. Which just goes to show you that everything Firefox can do, Chrome can do faster and more elegantly.

edit: Oh, and for those who don’t have Chrome/don’t know better, clicking the image link in the source in the element viewer gives you a nicely foldered list of all the assets with a visual of the image in question. So, like, here’s the script from the resource scripts that they use for the fade thing:

That doesn’t help much when the image in question is impossible to click on, which is why jerri started this thread in the first place. Otherwise in Firefox all you’d have to do is right-click -> View Image.

That’s how I got the image. You just right click any old image on the page, inspect element, and then go to the resource folder. Chrome is awesome like that.