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This is hyperbole. There are certain social safety net programs that are considered largely “untouchable” even by the most conservative parties, such as universal health care, but there are plenty of almost-American style conservatives in Canada. Alberta is currently governed by such a version of the Conservatives. There’s also the newish People’s Party of Canada that espouses some fairly American Libertarian style “freedumb” ideas.

There’s a pretty good, though long, list of current Canadian political parties here with their historical antecedents and major differences.

That’s a decent rundown of the political parties of Canada. In the dead political parties, it fails to mention the Rhinoceros Party which could always be counted on for some levity as a satirical party in an election. Their standing promise was to not deliver on any of their promises if elected.

I paid the same tax rate in California that I paid in Vancouver. I didn’t get good health care or functional public transit.

You got some pretty sweet Carrier groups though.

In Quebec, Canada’s highest taxed province, they were taking higher bites out of my paycheck than I later paid in California by a couple percentage points. But then later, here in the UK, paying about the same as Cali, I got the healthcare but not the $7-a-day daycare Quebec has, and went on to pay so many thousands for two kids I don’t even want to think about it. I’ll take the taxes.

Single, fit, no-kids people with dead parents and a Logan’s Run pact, I guess, might do better in the Utopian Texas ideal… everyone else, you want taxes, health, and social care.

Haven’t you heard? Politically California is a Canadian province.


Toronto Homeowners 'Furious' as Leaf Bagging Service Cut to Save $2.3M | GVS News - GVS CANADA.

So notoriously conservative inner suburbs who pretty much run the City with a ‘cut government’ mantra, leaving City services starved… are ‘furious’ the City is finally stopping litterally cleaning up the leaves in their yard.

OMG I just read my own article, and it has this golden quote:

Kenneth Copeman, a homeowner and member of the Glen Agar Residents Association, also voiced his dissatisfaction with the city’s decision. He believes it is unfair to remove a service that has been in place for decades while increasing property taxes. Copeman argues that the city should consider other factors, such as the lack of sidewalk clearing in his neighborhood, when making decisions about service cuts.

I believe he thinks he’s paying for other people’s sidewalk cleaning so they should at least clean his leaves? That took a bit to parse.

I love this series of videos, Canada getting its turn:

A Canadian court has ruled that an assault and murder by an incel qualifies as form of terrorism.