Canada to recording industry--piss off

Surprised nobody’s mentioned this here yet, but a federal court decision in Canada today held that posting copyrighted files on a computer hooked up to a file-sharing network is not copyright infringement. Judge Konrad von Finckenstein likened the situation to a photocopier placed in a library amidst thousands of books. He told the CRIA that it couldn’t force ISPs in Canada (all the big players like Bell and Rogers fought the CRIA’s demands) to reveal names and addresses of file sharers. So, there will be no lawsuits launched against 12-year-olds in Canada.

From the Toronto Star:

Judge Konrad von Fickenstein?

A name for my next RPG character! :D

Most excellent. With that name if it would have happend yesterday, I would have taken it for a joke. I love his copier analogy.