Canada, your postal system sucks!

I placed an order from which shipped yesterday from Ontario. Expected date of delivery- between May 18-24.

What the hell, are they walking it to Virginia?

No. Instead they are carefully considering who gets to read your book first. Then they have a chess tournament to determine who gets to read it next then they send it to sit in US customs for a while.

BTW for truth in advertising I work above a Canadian post office.

parcels are slowed down a whole lot by the Canadian customs who determine what fees must be charged

the few orders I’ve made on Play-Asia have been slowed down considerably for that reason

but based on my experience with in particular, shipping delays are almost always greatly exaggerated

You started it with the softwood lumber dispute! It takes us three weeks to decide if the book is even worth printing.

Why would you order from anyway? 99% of the time they have less stock than

This has nothing to do with the postal system and everything to do with Amazon. It’s fairly well known in Canada that you will get stuff quicker if you order from even though it has to clear customs, you just end up paying more for shipping and duty.

The Canadian postal system is actually pretty good. I’ve ordered stuff off EBay that got delivered within days of shipping, without any sort of “overnight” or “express post” sticker. My guess is that just proxies orders to, so you not only have to deal with customs and shipping time from the states but also turnaround time to reprocess the order in Ontario.

Actually, I ordered a season of Sopranos through and paid for UPS shipping (2 to 3 business days). Around day 10, I called UPS and after a customs delay of 4 days, they’d lost it. Ten minutes after I get off the phone, the package arrives at my door.

I realize that is more of a story about UPS, but it’s just one of many incidents I’ve dealt with in which parcels were held at the border by customs.

Overall, I really dislike Canada’s postal system. It costs $10-14 to send a small parcel (say, a PC game in the appropriately-sized mailing box) to pretty much anywhere (even within Canada)… and that’s not registered, priority, or anything. 7-10 business days to the US, I think. And then it still usually gets there late.

I’m pretty sure it’s slowed down by Canadian customs only if it’s coming in to Canada. If it’s going to the US, it has to clear US customs.

Also, is relatively slow all by themselves.

What shadarr said: Amazon’s delivery has been awful for a while now. All the folks I know who order books online use

Has anyone really ever lost anything to the US Postal system? I mean, something someone sent got lost, not just you told them it got lost or you lost it behind the couch?

I’ve gotten plenty of stuff from neighbors misdelivered.

Back when the BBC didn’t know it could make money selling the new Doctor Who show to American tv, I ordered the Canadian dvd set of the first season (which was region 1 and had a street date about 5 months ahead of the US release) from I wanted it badly, so I paid for expedited shipping.

It took over a week to arrive after shipping. They shipped it by DHL instead of Fed Ex or UPS. The problem is definitely, not the post office.

Ummm… why would you buy something from the .ca when you have the vastly superior .com in your backyard?

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Yeah, thanks, Gladguy. Now I’ll have to come up with a good excuse. Like say, the book I want isn’t in print in America and I thought it would be faster to order from Canada than to order from Amazon US and wait for them to cross ship it.

We’ll see…

This is the best site I have found for out-of-print and hard to find titles:

They ship from all over the U.S.

I use Not a store, but a worldwide network of independent booksellers.

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There is also the always awesome, the largest independent bookstore in the US.

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I don’t know if it is US customs or Canadian customs, but shipping between the US and Canada is totally screwy. I can order stuff from the UK and Hong Kong and have it be here faster than shipping from Canada. I could drive to Toronto in 4 hours, but I have never had a package arrive from there in less than a week and a half.