Canadian Politics Are Retarded and Awesome

Canada has a Parliamentary system - therefore the possibility of tomfoolery, and other assorted dumbshit is high, especially when you have a minority government. Just a month and a bit ago we had our last election, returning the Harper Conservatives to a second minority government.

Naturally one of the first things they did was decide to introduce a bill getting rid of public financing of elections - pissing off every other party and making the bill a confidence measure (long story short, defeat the bill and go back to election time). But so far as I know the Conservatives back off that issue. Now however a Ways and Means Motion has been introduced as another confidence motion that should act as a stimulus package - problem is there is basically no stimulus and that has the other three parties even more pissed off. Enough so that there is talk of forming a coalition government under Stephan Dion, who incidentally lost the last election and declared that he would resign as Liberal Party leader.

If the Governor General (the Queens representative in Canada and our Head of State) returns to Canada from her state visits in Europe we may just have a new government next week.

Since the Conservatives were fairly good at screwing with all the other parties while staying firmly in power how the hell did this happen so fast. I almost want this to happen to get rid of Harper from the Conservative leadership and to see the amusing reaction in my Canadian politics course.

Edit: Just having watched Harpers statement it looks like the Conservatives are panicking. He actually stated that allowing Dion to form a coalition government would be undemocratic - nicely fogetting that we don’t vote for the Prime Minister, but local MPs. I’m almost ready to think we might really have a coalition government even though Harper looks to push back the vote for a week as it just gives the three other parties more time to think about this and decide what exactly to do and whether or not Dion is the best to lead any coalition government.

The proposal to cut government funding for parties as a cost-saving measure (when all parties except the Conservatives are completely reliant on this funding) was a colossal goof. I can’t imagine how they thought this was a good idea. Maybe they figured they could throw it out there and then drop it as a conciliatory gesture.

Anyway, now we are in for a serious round of squabbling, at precisely the time when we actually need a government.

I’m not a fan of PM Harper but I think this was the worst time for his government to make partisan issues when the global economic crisis happening, especially when just weeks before Harper had said his government won’t have a deficit nor that Canada will be in recession.

For the past two years, Harper has governed as if he had a majority government instead of working with the opposition parties with his fragile minority government. He had been playing “chicken” with Dion, goading him to call him a vote of no confidence. But now that Dion has said he’ll step down as the Liberal Party leader, he has nothing to lose, so backed into a corner I’m not surprised it has come down to this even so soon after the election.

I actually look forward to a coalition party government, although I doubt the Bloc will be involved.

Is it wrong for me, as a U.S. citizen, to not know what the fuck is going on in Canada?


We are your #1 supplier of oil, bitch.

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Yes. You should learn from us on how to vote in elections with paper ballots.

That’s for sure - the elegant Canadian solution…

Continuing on the main topic I still can’t believe the gall that Harper has shown today as he’s all but vowed to take this to the public with the aim of presenting Dion, the Liberals, and the NDP as some sort of gang of Latin American thugs intent on destroying Canadian democracy. Thing is it seems Harper has forgotten a basic fact about how voters went this election.

Conservatives - 143 seats, 5,208,796 votes (37.65% of total voters)
Liberals - 77 seats, 3,633,185 votes (26.26% of total voters)
NDP - 37 seats, 2,515,561 (18.18% of total voters)

If anything a coalition minority government between the Liberals and NDP would be more representative and democratic than the current government.

At least I can get a solid laugh reading the user comments over at the Macleans blogs as rabid Conservative supporters have worked themselves into a lather - apparently the Bloc is still out for only one thing, namely sovereignty, and a Liberal/NDP government would be dependent on Bloc support. Say it isn’t so, it would almost be like that other minority government we’ve been having the large few years. Besides it’s my opinion that anyone who actually thinks the Bloc will push for sovereignty again anytime soon is delusional. Many of the issues and reasons for deep animosity and sovereignty talk have disappeared and would have been even more dead had Harper and the Conservatives not fucked up their chances in Quebec in the last election. What the Bloc exists for now is to act as a glorified interest group acting on behalf of Quebec to secure funds from the federal government, support for cultural issues, and a de facto agreement not to mess with the current constitutional situation. Hell, even the head of the Quebec provincial Bloc party said she wasn’t going to push at all for sovereignty if she wins the provincial election, that’s how dead the issue is.

Of course reading some blogs, this could all be some vast cynical idea by Harper to force another election in what I’d believe will be a futile effort to finally gain a majority with the Liberals plainly on the ropes and without any cash remaining.

You know after living in the US for over 4 years I can honestly say that Canadian politics is a fucking bastion of rational thought. Seriously, this is nothing compared to the idiocy that happens here in the US at least once a month. Thank god I’m moving back. Oh, also COBRA for $300/month for a perfectly healthy 31 year old is fucking lunacy. I honestly had no idea that’s how much it cost for medical insurance for someone who is probably in one of the healthiest demographics. People who think private health care is somehow cheaper or that a universal plan will be more expensive are so incredibly wrong it isn’t even funny.

But you have to wait a bajillion years to see a doctor, with your socialized medicine!!! Plus, in the US, you know that money isn’t supposed to help penniless bums. Doesn’t that moral superiority make the three hundred dollars worth it?

You get COBRA for $300/month!? That’s a bargain!

Unfortunately true but they do try to speed people up that require, in a life or death situation. Though as some of the past posts in PR demonstrate, not always successfully.

Part of that is also that you dam yanks keep stealin’ our doctors! If you’d just move to our system everything would be all joy and candy. :P

Not when you consider the coverage I get.

Also I’ve had to wait longer here to see a doctor than I ever did in Canada. Months just to get in to see GP and get a Primary, seeing how I couldn’t do a god damn thing without one it was much worse than anything I experienced in Canada.

I look forward to my 100% coverage of Acupuncture and Massage Therapy at a cost of $0 to me. Canadian health benefits are sooo much better.

Wait, months to get access to a GP in the United States? Did you try looking in the yellow pages for a different doctor? We have lots.

Some people have to wait months for an appointment with their existing primary care physician in the US, even though there are lots of doctors in the yellow pages. I know that’s the case for one family member, which usually has to wait 4-8 weeks for an appointment, unless it’s an emergency.

Huh, I was being sarcastic.

And they can’t change doctors why exactly?

Obama just schooled the world on how to use a popular voice to change a nation. He had the largest number of donors ever, and he raised a half-billion dollars that way. Politics is pay to play, and this year millions stood up to play.

Well trying to find one in my network and accepting new patients, yes the wait was months.

You’re not my friend, buddy!