Canadian Pricing Gone WILD! (Batman: AA)

Walmart started it!

Earlier this week, ads popped up on the Xbox dashboard showing Walmart to sell the game on launch day at $38.83. This obviously represents a significant discount from the $69.99 price for the game everywhere else.

All other retailers have subsequently fallen in line, and matched the $38.83 price.

Anybody have any idea how this happened? Why this happened? I’m curious if Walmart decided to sell the game below cost without consulting Eidos, or if Eidos was in on it somehow. Seems to me like there’s going to be millions of dollars lost on this deal now.


Woot. Makes me want to go buy it.

Purely rumour but this blog speculates it started as a pricing error on Best Buy’s part that has snowballed.

Alas… doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo. Otherwise I’d import one at that price.