Canadian version of RIAA liable for $60 Billion in Copyright Infringement?

Wow. The Schadenfrude is delicious.

The CRIA (The RIAA of Canada) has been very naughty. They took advantage of a law in Canada that meant they could sell tracks (as part of compilations, etcetera), that they did not have copyright to… as long as they placed their name on a list and got copyright permission and terms at a later point.

That list is now 20 odd years old, and has 300,000 songs on it. Names like Beyonce, and Bruce Springsteen. And do you think that they ever made effort to pay those poor starving artists the money they deserve? Helllll no.

At $20,000 a song, that’ s $60 billion. hey, it could be worse, under American terms they’d owe $450 Billion.

This shows that any claim that the record companies make about file sharing hurting “The Artists” is bullshit.

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