Canadians: complete your GCN/PS2 collection!

Until the 19th, Toys R Us is clearing Player’s Choice/Greatest Hits as BOGO, Buy One Get One (free) Notable is the recent addition of Starfox Assault, Pikmin 2, Zelda 4 Swords and…Paper Mario RPG!

I picked up 6 games today for the price of 3:

Mario Golf ($30)
Starfox Assault ($30)

Pikmin 2 ($30)
Zelda Four Swords ($30)

Super Monkey Ball ($20)
Super Monkey Ball 2 ($20)

Wonder if ToysRUs here in Oslo (Norway) have such a sale.
I really should buy more Gamecube games… the problem is that I never have time to play them.

Play? What’s that?

I just collect, sadly.

Maybe I should begin doing that… already I am, in a way…

So many GC games I want to play… I’ll see what I can find on Saturday.

How does this work exactly? Can you buy one and get one of equal or lesser price for free, or is it just equal?

This would be a great chance to pressure my girlfriend into buying Super Monkey Ball and Paper Mario.


hurry, ends 19th.

equal or lesser value. buy a $24.99 one, get another $24.99 free. has to have the yellow PC stripe. buy a $29.99 game, get another $29.99 free. monkey ball games are $19.99 each.

a LOT of good games there.

essentialyl 50% off. ends on the 19th.

So if you buy Paper Mario and Super Monkey Ball, you pay $29.99 for two.

Ugh. Went to Toys ‘R’ Us last night and the selection was terrible.

Unfortunately it depends on the location, I went to 2.