Cancel Spotify and export playlists to something else comparable?

Is there another subscription music platform that’s the same cost with the same musical depth as Spotify, and excellent streaming and usability? If Joe Rogan is the only thing they really care about, then I want out. But I have built a massive musical platform for myself through them, and it would be so much work to replicate that from scratch in another platform.

Alas, no other subscription platform has the same depth and reach as Spotify. Depending on the music genres you’re more fond of, something like Deezer could be a good option, but it really depends on genre.

I’m sorry, deez what?

You’re on Android, right? I’ve heard good things about paying Soundiiz to move your data to another service. You can see what they support here.

No idea which service is ethically soundest and closest to feature parity, though.

How is Amazon Music these days?

Soundiiz nutz.

Despite @ArmandoPenblade and his burning hatred of YouTube Music since it co-opted Google Play Music, I like it well enough. Added bonus, a subscription also removes ads from YouTube.

No, I’m on the Apple platform.

Apple Music then.

If you VPN to argentina to sign up, you can get YouTube premium (and YouTube Music) for like $2/month. Google for instructions.

Yeah, I’ve also wound up with YouTube Music as the least-bad option. Pretty much everybody has the same core library of however many million tracks licensed from the recording labels. Of the ones I tried, Spotify is on everything and is what everyone uses when they want to share a playlist. Apple Music wound up being fastest to do some common organization tasks because it’s an actual standalone app with hotkeys rather than in a browser. Youtube Music is the clunkiest, but it includes ad-free Youtube, access to the tracks I uploaded to Google Play Music back in the day, and most importantly, the ability to incorporate music that’s been uploaded to YouTube proper but hasn’t been added to the music streaming catalogs for whatever reason.

No longer have a Spotify subscription to cancel, but I’ve definitely been listening to a fair amount of Neil Young yesterday and today via YouTube Music to send whatever small message I can.

I’ve had it for a while and I love it. Hundreds of free albums. With the minor downside of if I stop Prime I lose them all. :P

Sigh, as much as I loathe Joe Rogan, I’m too entrenched in Spotify to even consider leaving.

I’m way out of the loop on this and still listen to music on a stereo system and/or burn it off CD and listen to it on my PC.

Ah, take a look at SongShift then. It should be very reliable.

I think they have the worst payout per stream to artists of all the services, by like a lot.

I use youtube music as well, it is nice because it is bundled with ad free youtube, and it ported all of my saved music from my google music collection.

Yeah, same same. I suspect it’ll be adequate to my purposes.

I have thought about picking up spotify, but obviously the Joe Rogan exclusivity is a huge turn off, even though they have probably the widest selection of music.