Can't edit QT3 in Chrome

Recently these boards stopped working in Chrome.
When I hit edit (and being a non-native speaker typing fast and trying to get a point across, I hit the edit-button often) the box appears but none of the buttons work. I can’t edit and I can’t save.

When composing a normal mesage I can’t use formatting or embed a link. It’s only just happened within the last couple of days. Works in IE8 in compatibility view, but that’s slow as hell on my work machine.

Any ideas?

Edit: Worked fine for me using dev release.

Works fine here. You on 1.x or 2.x?

Yeah, it works for me as well. Not sure what’s up there. I’m on Vista…

2.o on XP. Weird.

Works fine for me. I’d recommend going on the Dev channel if you’re using Chrome. They update it every week.

I have had this same issue happen using Firefox on Vista and it isn’t specific to Qt3, it happens on other forums when trying to use the text box or editing tools. I haven’t nailed down if it’s only happening in vBulletin, though.

It most commonly occurs partway through typing something – suddenly text entry stops working and the screen will jump as it begins interpreting the key presses as shortcuts instead. If I type something in another application such as Notepad then go back to the same text box, it will resume working normally.

It started maybe a month or so ago and happens as best as I can tell, completely at random. It seems to happen less often than initially and I know Firefox has had at least one update in that time. Until this thread I was assuming it was a Firefox-specific issue, now I don’t know.