Can't install Civ: Warlord

This is the error I get: -5009 : 0x8002802b

Only tips i’ve seen so far is to make sure I have administrative access to my pc. I do. I had a lot of similar trouble installing the original Civilization IV, but I can’t figure out/remember what I did to fix it.

Did you check out this at Installshield? You mentioned the administrative stuff, but nothing about the other fixes/tips.

I allready tried all that and it didn’t work. But you taking the time and Googling for me made me try again, just so I was absolutely sure, before rejecting the tip.
Still didn’t work, but in desperation I deleted the entire Installshield folder.

That did the trick (strange that wasn’t suggested on the InstallShield page?)

Hmm. That’s step #2, isn’t it?

Nice. I usually point folks to the Installshield page for general errors during program installations (for ones that use Installshield), and it sometimes gives some clues as to what to look for, if not the direct answer.