Can't order online from EB Games

I just signed up for GameSpot Complete and tried to order online from EB Games. I can get as far as selecting my shipping address but then it always takes me back to the first page of the shopping cart. I never get to the point of entering credit card info. This happens regardless of whether I use the GameSpot discount or not. I contacted EB Games and they don’t have a solution. They tell me to order using their long distance number. Anyone run into this problem and have a solution? I’m using Windows XP and Internet Explorer and all the latest updates.

Has someone changed the security settings on your browser without your knowledge? This is the kind of thing that sometimes happens when cookies aren’t saved properly.

Not to my knowledge.

I think the point was for you to check.

I think the point was for you to check.[/quote]

I never changed my security settings. I played around with my account settings on the EB website and can now order. I don’t know how I fixed the problem, or if it was on their end.