Can't play C@C Generals because of Win XP SP2?!

My Specs:

Gigabyte Nforce 2
Nvidia FX 5900
1 gig 3200 ddr
Direct X 9.1

Every time I try to load C@C Generals I get this lovely message:

Is there anything I can do to remedy my issue? Also, is this because of Win XP SP2? I figure it is because I was able to play the game before I downloaded Win XP SP2 and I had ZERO problems.

I noticed that there is a hot fix out now that might correct my problem but I don’t know if I should download it or not. I don’t want to make my system unstable and I’m only having issues with this one game. I think I’d rather wait until MS fixes the issue in their next update.

Any help would be appreciated.

On my ATI PC it plays, but I cannot do anything first, to play I have to start from a fresh reboot.

Wasn’t Generals on a list of a bunch of games that don’t work with SP2? I seem to recall it being funny that practically every other RTS but microsoft ones failed to work with the new patch.

Yes all C@C games are on the list, including Generals. I emailed EA’s tech support but I doubt that I’ll even hear from them.

Any help would still be appreciated. :D

I’d recommend going back to Windows 98SE, but that would be hypocritical since all the flaming fucking fanboys here at QT3 (plus Thief 3) convinced me to upgrade to this piece of shit OS called WindowsXP. So I’ll just stick with SP1. I don’t need SP2’s already broken “security enhancements”, I have a separate dedicated firewall and I don’t run IE.

So this wouldn’t be the point to mention that both C&C Generals and Zero Hour run fine under XP SP2 with an ATI 9800 Pro and the no-cd cracks applied? ;)

Besides, it’s C&C Generals. With some of the worst networking code available, and pathing AI that can bring your 2GHz+ processor to it’s knees just to figure out how to cross a bridge, is it fair to say it’s all Microsoft’s fault?

Heh. Ask Guido_Jones, I’m not a Microsoft fanboy in the least, but WinXP has given me the least trouble out of all their operating systems back to the Win 3.1 days.

I’m pretty disgusted with WinXP SP2. My system used to be rock-stable but now it seems I have to reboot a couple times per day. Besides breaking Generals, some of my older classics no longer run either, including WH40k:Chaos Gate and Master of Orion 2.

There’s nothing wrong with upgrading to Windows XP SP1, so I’d take exception to the “flaming fucking fanboys” comment by shifty6. I hate Windows, but of all the various torturous itinerations, Windows XP has given me the least problems (notwithstanding the entire validation crapola it put me through).

At least up till SP1. SP2, I hear, is a stinking pile of doggy doo, and I’ve held off upgrading. Moral of story: wait till the pros give the greenlight for SP2 with whatever hotfixes it needs. Quite a few sources have panned SP2 for incompatibility, so consider yourself warned before you take the SP2 step.

Anyway, like shifty6, have completely avoided IE; Firefox is a MUCH better browser, and I have ZoneAlarm and Norton running. Would you place your faith in a MS firewall anyway?