Can't resore dumpster files

I have a bunch of photos that I deleted on my phone when I copied them to my local nas drive. The nas drive failed and I lost the pictures. Fortunately I have dumpster on my phone and all the photos are there, but every time I try to restore them I get a “Unable to restore ‘file name’”. I contacted dumpster support and they told me that task killer apps where responsible and when I asked them what the name of these apps were they gave me a list with links, but most of those links are dead ends. Also I don’t even recognize and/or can even find them on my phone. I’m currently using a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. What I want to know is there any way to get dumpster to work? Any way to recover those pictures?

Here’s a list of the task killers they say they found:

We found the following task killers running on your device:
> * “Factory Test”
> “Samsung account”
> * “ES File Explorer”
> “Polaris Viewer 4.1”
> “Smart Device Manager”
> “News Daemon(EUR)”
> * “ChatON”
> “Stock Daemon(EUR)”
> “Task manager”
> “wssyncmlnps”
> “”
> * “Sprint Zone”
> “Yahoo! News”
> * “TouchWiz home”
> * “Samsung KNOX”
> “Sprint Installer”
> * “Video Player”

Like I said I don’t recognize most of those and some like Yahoo News I have never downloaded. Any help will be appreciated.