Can't uninstall Linksys wireless network monitor

I go to add-remove programs and try to uninstall it, but it hangs at 5% and won’t budge from there.

Do I have to first disable the wireless connection or something?

Obviously I want to keep the drivers, but I don’t want the bleeping monitor software, which in my experience is junk.

BTW, this is for the Linksys USB-connected wireless G adapter, WUSB54G.

My mistake was probably installing the crap software in the first place.

Can you go the Program Files folder and nuke the monitor program’s folder from Windows Explorer.? Drivers get copied to the Windows system folders, so deleting the program folder should leave them intact.

I don’t doubt I could do that, but what about other things that are installed in other places (beyond the driver)?

Did you try disabling the wireless connection? I have no experience with what you said, but it seems that about 80% of IT work is trial-and-error, at least the first time you see it. Start trying A, then B. Did you google? Did you call support? I wouldn’t rule those out before you just start randomly trying stuff.

I’d restart in Safe Mode without Networking, and then try and uninstall it. What you’re probably running into are a number of files that are currently in use, and it’s encountering a conflict when it tries to get rid of them.

I personally don’t have a problem with the software. The only time I use it is to get the handy-dandy-network debug output, in case I’m troubleshooting a new connection. Any time else, I’m using the web interface.