Cantata - Weird sci-fi & tactics (early access)

I’ve just spent two hours with it without noticing, and although it’s busy on the micromanaging front, there is a lot of great stuff in the game already.
First and foremost, you can (and probably should) customise and construct a sexy logistics network. I need to emphasis on this. The logistics are quite simple, but super sexy. There is a chain of ressources that is really straightforward and simple, and it’s all built around nodes and the flow of those ressources to get those checkboxes checked so you can build sexy military hardware. A bit like Slipways or Star Ruler 2 if you wish, although for the interface is much, much less elegant (pretty rough, even) right now.
What I found brilliant in those early hours of the game is that there is a single basic ressource from that planet from which everything is yielded, but that ressource is very finite, and the hunt for it became very quickly my prime motivation. Without that spice flowing, you are basically dead, and its pursuit sprang an immediately powerful elan to my exploration and domination of the planet. It might be only me, but that motivation is often very much lacking from similarly minded game.
And here is another brilliant idea: to mine that ressource, you need to control zones. to control zones, you need to thoroughly clear them. To clear them you need a steady flow of units, units that, like Foxy said, can be easily moved through your logicistics network.
I have rarely got such a motivation to simply keep moving forward in a game. So much that, in a very unlikely way for me, the micromanaging of the many units actually didn’t bother me.

This is also helped by little story bits that make the whole setting quite intriguing. The aural soundscape is also very much to my liking, with dynamically changing rhythmic pieces depending on what you focus on the map. It’s really eerie and alien.

It might be much too simple for a lot of the more grognard inclined crowd, but for me it’s been pretty much a perfectly balanced experience so far.

Hah hah, I almost did a thread yesterday, but in the end I just did a post in the indie games thread before Tom would shout in my ear “it’s Early Access!”.

The zalgo title is already my favourite thing about this game. Bravo, @fox.ferro.

So… this game is a mix of RTS with tactical battles. Is that element like in the Total War games? How heavy is the RTS part?

It’s absolutely not. There is no real-time and all the combat takes place on the map.

Well this looks like extremely my jam.

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I keep seeing this thread title as Canasta sci-fi and tactics and travelled back in my mind to playing the card game with my grandma back in Brooklyn. What its become a Sci-Fi game?!

Brain Fart Explosion!

Oh thank god. I thought I was the only one.

Ah thank you! Felswoop mentioned RTS upthread and I’m so bad at those that I don’t really buy them any more.

Foxy compared it to Advance Wars, and it is a really good parallel: you have to fuel your war machine constantly, as units get destroyed all the time (hence the micromanagement).
But it’s very different in many ways. There is even some clearly Old World inspired extra orders mechanics, which is a bit fiddly, but quite effective given the extremely simple UI and means of interactions chosen.

DasTactic compared it to Battle Isle, which I think is an interesting view.

Don’t reignite the fire into those old Amiga worshippers who insists Japanese tactical games come from Battle Isle!

… Oh my, is DasTactic secretly an old Amiga worshipper? ;0

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The only Battle Isle I played was a bit of Andosia War (mainly because it was a sort-of sequel to Incubation, one of my all time faves). Didn’t feel much like this, though it’s been awhile.

I didn’t play as much of this today as I’d have liked* - one thing I ran into was supplies getting ‘overstocked’ in my factories - like multiple slots getting taken up with e.g. fuel when a single stack of 10 would’ve probably done. Anyone find a way to stop this happening? I ask because I ended up removing a factory and all that stock just got deleted (I think?) which felt like a total waste.

* I thought it’d be a chuckle to take a chunk out of my left hand with a screwdriver. Then I, uh, bought a car. Only minorly related. Consequently ended up distracted most of the day.

An easy way to prevent overprodcution from the bottom up is to manage your energy output input at your base (setting it to 0 will do what it implies). You can also cut supply lines and should rearrange them as to not stock up useless stuff in buildings you don’t intend to produce from anymore; the production will be wasted all over the place, I think, if you don’t.
I haven’t tested the opposite case of the later, since I enjoy making clean production lines so much :3

The game is 20% off, with a new update