Capcom Collection

There’s a Capcom Collection game for Xbox and PS2 that came out last week, I didn’t hear anything about it, so maybe y’all missed it too. It’s $19.99 and has an assload of games.

1943 Chai (Japan only, harder version of 1943)
Final Fight
Forgotten Worlds
Street Fighter II, (Champion, Turbo, Hyper, Deluxe and Original)
Ghost and Goblins
Ghouls and Ghosts
Super Ghouls and Ghosts
Bionic Commando
Legendary Wings
Exed Exes
Pirate Ship Hagemaru (Bomberman-ish, Japan only)
Son Son
Section Z

So, anyways, I bought it without thinking yesterday and I have already saved money on continues.

I’ve heard conflicting things, what version is Bionic Commando? Is it the arcade or the home version?

Bionic Commando is the Arcade Version.

Worth it for the GnG games alone.


Also, there is a pretty slick trailer for the upcoming PSP collection included, lots of additions to the lineup which ‘may or may not’ replace the games listed above. Some speculation on that.