Capcom executes a combo breaker

Title Capcom executes a combo breaker
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When July 11, 2013

Senior VP Christian Svensson has voluntarily left his post at Capcom while the company reorganizes. Svensson routinely posted on the official Capcom blog to reach out to fans for suggestions and to discuss company news items..

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Just want to point out that situations like these at Capcom also affect other game makers... namely third party development studios that had publishing deals with Capcom. While the Capcom employees get severance (please don't think I'm painting a rosy picture for them), these developers get nothing and find their future in instant jeopardy. I know for a fact that the "restructuring" of Capcom has resulted in layoffs at other companies whose fortunes were hitched to that big publisher. Let's hope all of those affected find new opportunities in tumultuous times.