Capcom will sell you cheat codes for the low low price of $5

Title Capcom will sell you cheat codes for the low low price of $5
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When November 9, 2011

The latest $2 costume pack for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record lets you dress up as a fireman with a bitchin' mustache. But Capcom isn't content to stop there..

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I haven't played this game but I think making these kind of options in most games would be pretty cool, assuming the codes/modes can't be used in multiplayer matches or toward achievements. It brings me back to the days of sharing codes by word of mouth and would be a cool way to increase replay value for players who love the game.

This is true, cheats can be cool. But by the looks of it there's not going to be any sharing by word of mouth here, as Capcom is expecting you to pay for the privilige of cheat codes.

*face palm*


Didn't EA already do this in Shift 2 with the option to unlock cars with MS spacebucks?

Pretty shitty if you ask me.

Capcom has really gone from awesome to terrible in a period of under two years.

Let's put it this way: I love fighting games, but I'm not buying any of Capcom's games in the forseeable future.

It sad to see the rate at which my "will not buy from in the near future because of *enter stupid or disrespectful act towards gaming community here*" is growing.

Capcom has always been like that. It took almost ten years for Street Fighter III to come out and then almost another ten for Street Fighter IV. It's the Capcom way.

The Japanese companies seem to be the worst offenders of DLC, Capcom, Namco, etc. They'll nickle and dime you for as many different costumes and skins as possible. Ace Combat 6 had like 100 dollars worth of DLC and it was mostly all for different skins for the planes.

That model is standard for fighters- though it's changing this console gen due to DLC. Only KOF used a yearly model from 94 to 2k3, and that had some big drawbacks.

Another KOF comes out in two weeks, looking forward to that, it looks more promising then UMVC3.