Captain Marvel - The Marvel Carol Danvers one, not the DC Billy Batson one


Filmland (Danish Film critic) thinks that Captain Marvel is excellent and praises her characterization of the hero, saying it’s one of the best/most nuanced of the MCU. He does think the story is dragged down by being the Avengers Infinity War/Endgame “prequel”/in-between-film and would have been better as a stand-alone movie in its own universe.

Looking forward to seeing this on Friday.


Well you’re just regurgitating MRA/incel drivel…


I love when totally innocent stuff like a razor ad or a Marvel super hero flick brings the river scum to the surface so we can more easily avoid it.


When fact become “drivel” perhaps the problem isnt rooted in what she said.


I’m left wondering how Wonder Woman released without a bunch of manbabies calling for boycotts and acting like complete turds when that movie explicitly came with a female empowerment message.


She discussed how skewed the demographics are for professional reviewers and suggested expanding the pool over 5 years to better reflect the perspectives of the nation. How that’s “PC cult drivel” is just utterly beyond me. Having reviewers who better understand where you come from makes it more likely for their reviews to be valid for any given consumer. She’s saying there are massively underserved markets and films which have fallen into the cracks because of it; that’s an appeal to capitalists, not any PC crowd.

"Race realism"? It's toxic racist crap. Let's discuss why.

DC fans were probably too busy fighting over out of all the bad DC movies which ones were the worse… or

Yeah actually they did. James Cameron made some weird remarks about it as well as others. DC is pretty small compared to MCU though.

She also had some push back based on speaking about politics.


I think everyone assumed WW would be trash like everything else in the DC movie-verse so they didn’t bother.


Keep in mind you’re trying to convince a guy who (in another thread) suggested that Gamergate was truly a righteous crusade for ethics in journalism.


Wait, it wasn’t?!? (j/k)


Wonder no more!

You’re allowed to have a female superhero as long as she doesn’t shove her feminism in your face. Or make it obvious at all. As long as women know their place, it’s cool, I guess.


I honestly don’t remember, did Gadot say much related to feminism in pre-release press? Is that the difference, just that whatever the movies are actually like—and almost no one fussing yet is in a position to weigh in on Captain Marvel—Brie Larson “dared” to bring up issues like that in interviews?


But it was “in their faces” in Wonder Woman! Like, the most famous scene from the movie is literally Wonder Woman being able to withstand No Man’s Land by shielding herself from their attacks. I don’t know how it could be more pointed.


WW also gave Chris Pine as much if not more of the agency and responsibility as the lead. So much so that I was kinda put off by it.


Gal Gadot has actually said something like: if you are a not a feminist you are sexist. She’s not really passive in this area, but the push against Captain Marvel seems a lot more coordinated and bigger than what she got.


Why would that put you off? Would it put you off if Pepper Potts had a greater role in Iron Man?


Superheroes being able to withstand bullets isn’t some kind of a subtle allegory. There’s no subtext there to read. That’s what superheroes do. They have superpowers.

I think you’d have a stronger case with e.g. the women’s suffrage themes from the London sequence of the movie. But I have this vague recollection that it was kind of played for laughs (e.g. the “where I’m from, we call that slavery” punchline).


But Wonder Woman smiled. And she was so pretty when she was doing it.


I think TF was referring to the fairly on the nose aspect of her surviving No Man’s Land.

Pshh WW, Tolkien did it first.


Yeah I recently rewatched WW and the way Chris Pine constantly cut her off, and then she just meekly accepts it, is just not very feminist. “I’m Diana, Princess…” “Diana Prince”. (And then no complaint!). One of the feminist complaints is that women is not being taken seriously in day to day conversation in that they are more often cut off mid sentence by men (just remember how often the Donald tried to cut Hillary off mid sentence in the presidential debates).