Captain Marvel - The Marvel Carol Danvers one, not the DC Billy Batson one


This is my reality, don’t challenge it!


Dude no one is mad. Jesus you say a few small remarks about a trailer, and you’d think you just knocked down a wall or something.

I’m so glad we have yet another fandom we can’t actually discuss.


Where did I say that every MCU movie has hit it out of the park? Hell I even referenced a DC movie so Im not sure what you’re on about there. All I am saying that until you have actually seen the movie. it’s silly to write it off due to the actor. There is ample evidence to support that. Do they always get it right? No. But there have been enough successful surprise castings to withhold judgement until you see the actual movie.


Yes, my actual message was, “Don’t any of you assholes dare talk about Captain Marvel ever again!” and not “Aw, Brie Larson is somehow adorable, tough, and bazow at the same time and this looks fun!”

Can’t sneak anything past you.


I don’t think Brie is that hot.



Look man we can’t be held responsible for intrinsic flaws in your character!


I’m pretty sure she was cast specifically because she’s not hot. They want her character taken seriously, which is why they’re prioritizing gravitas over looks, and since JLaw is already Mystique they couldn’t get both .


No, I thought it was a great idea when I heard about it. Getting good actors is important for making good superhero movies, and that was obviously the thinking behind getting Larson in as well (as I said, she’s been good in things I’ve seen her in).

But I’m puzzled about some of the reactions to the “miscast” comments.

I mean it’s not like we haven’t seen her yet and we’re speculating in thin air. SHE’S WOODEN IN THE CLIPS. Surely something so obvious can’t be denied?

That’s the whole basis for the worry some of us have, not the abstract thought, “Hmm, I wonder if Brie Larson might be a poor choice for this movie.”

All this being the case, the only hope is that the clips aren’t actually representative. To some extent that was the case with the WW trailers, but that turned out fine, so this might too. There’s still a chance for Captain Marvel fans! :)





I’m looking forward to it. Hell, at the very least it has Ronan.


This is glorious!


argh, I had almost forgotten YTMND


Why you so mad!

Or you know, we’ll wait and see I guess can also be seen as a reasonable response too. God forbid we have more than one reaction to a set of trailers.


That’s amazing.


Nice! Reminds me of a local pizza place here in Seattle:


To add to the workout videos…found this one of her amazing and entertaining.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1079545866057183232&

I am looking forward to the movie and her in it.


Just needs a geocities url and I would probably have made something similar back in the day.


Yes it did, but she was godawful in it. It’s partly because of her inept performance in that movie that I’m cringing at her line delivery in the Captain Marvel trailers. I haven’t seen any of her other roles so I don’t share others’ confidence that she can even act.

It’ll probably work out o.k., though, for the reasons others have mentioned. I’m more worried about how she’ll taint Avengers 4 if she’s terrible as Captain Marvel, regardless of how her own movie works out.


Spider-man was licensed to Sony, not Fox. Daredevil was also licensed to Fox, but that license was abandoned and returned to Marvel. Hulk was licensed to Universal, but similarly returned. (also Punisher/Ghost Rider).


I discovered this today when I inspected the mock RealPlayer on that 90s site. I got really excited like I found a new secret and was ready to rake in the Reddit karma. Nope, someone else already found it.

Still, cool easter egg.