Captain Marvel - The Marvel Carol Danvers one, not the DC Billy Batson one


I’ve been predicting that due to the quantum zone stuff. Hopefully his inclusion doesn’t make Endgame feel too crowded, though I imagine he’s used as a barrier to the team’s prep work for readying themselves to take on Thanos again.


It doesn’t help that she has resting “Did I leave the stove on?” face.


Resting Brie Face, really that’s your complaint?


Yes silly, Brie’s apparent tendency to put her face into standby mode between lines just might impact her ability to effectively portray this character.


I’m not seeing it, tbh.


Really dude? This is a stretch man, the longest of stretches.


Maybe they can mo-cap Jim Carrey and CGI some facial expressions onto her.


I think he means deadpan face, not sure what that has to do with a stove. I suspect that will not be as noticeable in the full movie because these movies are usually not that frequently slow.


Think he just meant that she looks like she’s zoning out and daydreaming, waiting for her next line cue – agree that’s unlikely to be noticeable during the film’s likely speedy pace.

The costume(s) aren’t really working for me either - obviously always a challenge between emulating comic costumes that might look goofy or disappointing fans who are looking for those costumes, but her current costume is new enough that I think they could have come up with a less contrived look - it’s not “Captain America Mask in Avengers 1 bad”, but Marvel did a better job with some of Thor’s and Antman/Wasp outfits, which could have seemed pretty out there and yet on film they worked well.

It’s also the first Marvel movie where the CGI and action scenes look like they’re from a DC movie. Seems more Green Lantern and Justice League style mindless CG than the Marvel movies that had a lot of CG, like Dr. Strange and Guardians.

Since I’m being pretty negative, I’ll highlight a few things that I do like and am looking forward to seeing:

  • Brie Larson definitely looks like Carol Danvers in the comics;
  • Liking more space stuff from Marvel, including the Skrulls - door is increasingly opening to some great space stories involving the Celestials, Kree/Skrull War, Galactus, Shiar-Kree, etc.;
  • be fun seeing more of the MCU’s recent past and the earlier days of Fury and Coulson and SHIELD, etc.


Not sure what it has to do with a stove? Seriously? It’s decades-old expression. “Did I leave the stove/oven/iron/whatever on?” is basically a way for a character to humorously signal that they’re so oblivious to their current situation that their mind is wandering to unrelated trivialities.

So yes, in the above screenshots and others, Brie is sporting a distinctly vacant, disinterested, glazed-over look. No, it’s not because she isn’t smiling. It’s because she’s making barely any expression at all.


So… yeah deadpan, impassive…


For me, the difference is where the person’s eye’s are focused. Someone can be deadpan, but looking right at you. In contrast, “did I leave the stove on” includes the eyes focusing at no particular spot. It’s a vacant look, like the person isn’t mentally there in the moment, which is different than just being deadpan.

Generally, I agree with Zylon that she does appear wooden in much of the trailer content released so far. Contrast this to Gadot in almost all of WW where she appears animated and lively, whether that is joyful, angry, sad, etc.

Hopefully, they just picked a bad sampling for the trailers. I wouldn’t have characterized Larson as wooden in any of the other roles I’ve seen her in, which is a headscratcher as to why these trailers seem so off to me.



I didn’t like the way she delivered her lines myself, but I am also assuming they’re trying to pick footage that doesn’t reveal much, assuming what they showed us thus far is even in the actual movie. I’m hopeful, but… I am pretty sure the only movie I’ve seen her in is in Kong Island. She did not improve that movie.


For now anyway, at least until I see the movie, I am going to trust the powers that be to put together a good movie.


Do all pre release movie threads descended into bickering about whether the one of the actors is wooden or not before the movie comes out?

Or is that unique to Brie Larson in this role?


Depends on the movie. If you’re asking if this is the first movie that caused a debate about an actor or actress given a specific role, then of course it’s not. It happens all the time.


Cool bananas. Just seems weird.

Otherwise what else do we do till there’s something to really watch.


You asked the question. It happens all the time, not just with Marvel. People are passionate about movies, love them, hate them, enjoy them, debate them… we have a lot of movies on this forum that are posted about sometimes years before release. It’s not just so everyone can nod their head for two years.


Are we expecting Nick to lose his eye during the course of this movie?


I hope so, because he has two in the trailer. It’s one of those things that you kind of want to know what happened, right? I don’t know anything about Nick Fury outside of the movies, so I figure it might be worthwhile to see how much he changed from then and now, physically and as a character.

I wanted to see more of him too in modern movies but… well…