Captain Marvel - The Marvel Carol Danvers one, not the DC Billy Batson one


When talking about seeing the Captain Marvel trailer in 3D before Alita, @strategy said:

Saw Alita in IMAX, and this is 100% a movie you should see in the best 3D that you can. Alita is one of the rare movies made for that medium. There was a Captain Marvel trailer in the theater prior to this viewing and it looked terrible in comparison. The sfx here just sing, IMO, and are Oscar-worthy.


I see. I remember reading that comment somewhere about the greatness of the movie in 3D her in QT3. It was applicable for Alita, not for Captain Marvel.


For me, 3D doesn’t add enough to the experience to make it worth the things it takes away. I hate dealing with the glasses - they are uncomfortable and I often get a glare unless I perch them in a weird position on my nose. And the picture itself is often darker for 3D. Not to mention the cost.

I accidentally paid for a 3D showing of Alita and regretted it.


We got tickets for this Sunday morning. Sadly, it’ll be the 3D version, but I’m not gonna whine too much about that.


Maybe in response to some of the posts here I actually movie clips with Brie Larson smiling over the weekend. She was also on FX (I think) as a guest during a Marvel movie and smiled.


Some of the early reviews of Captain Marvel indicate that the actual effects in the movie are significantly better than what is in the trailers. Still doesn’t sound like it’s a “must-see” in 3D though I expect I’ll probably end up doing so anyway myself, since (here) it tends to be difficult to find 2D viewings of these kind of movies.


From someone that just got out of a preview:

  1. # CaptainMarvel is absolutely delightful. Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson are hilarious together. Goose the Cat is MAGNIFICENT. You’ll have a blast. Trailers didn’t do it justice. This is one to see.

I hasten to add not me.


I don’t think I’ll have a chance to see this in theaters. I hope it’s out on Video before Avengers 4 comes out in the theaters.


Since Endgame is scheduled for May 3rd, I kind of doubt it will be out on video by then. Its likely to still be running in some theaters.


Yeah, there was a similar issue with Black Panther. Some infrequent movie goes had trouble catching that in theater before the next one… on the plus side, if they both do very well… they should have a long tail in theaters too.


It got moved up a week to April 26 with the first trailer back in December.


I’ve got tickets for next Monday night at the Cinerama here in Seattle. Huge screen! It looks like a lot of fun!


You are correct, sir. I had forgotten that the moved the date up but they did and it does indeed come out 4/26


To everyone concerned about Brie Larson’s facial expressions:

In “Captain Marvel,” Brie Larson radiates an ability that too many comic-book heroes never get the chance to show: the superpower of expression


Still wont be good enough for the doesn’t smile enough crowd.


I feel like someone is missing out on the Marvel Wax Lips Smile product branding tie-in.


And we have a winner!


Spoilery review:

It’s everything you might expect a sci-fi superhero movie to be, if you hadn’t seen one in a long time.


There are like 101 reviews posted on RT, how are you guys cherry picking which ones to link?

I just saw a new article on Twitter talking about Captain Marvel’s “mixed” reviews with a handful of positives and a handful of negatives. But only 15 out of 101 are “negative” by RT standards, so sure, if you pick 10 of those and 10 positives it looks like it’s split right down the middle. So dumb.


I don’t read RT. That was on Google news.