Captain Marvel - The Marvel Carol Danvers one, not the DC Billy Batson one


That particular review is the only one I’ve read, because I typically check A.V. Club reviews for movies.

I have some idea where Ignatiy’s coming from and how his tastes line up with my own. So from his tepid review, I’m pretty sure we’re not looking at a groundbreaking film, but I’m also pretty sure I might still like it a lot.


Same here, I don’t always agree with the AV Club’s reviews, but I do respect both of their film reviewers. Sounds like this one will be a skip til Netflix one for me.


It’s skipping Netflix and headed to Disney+, if that changes the calculus for you at all.


Cool, I guess I won’t be seeing it then.


From a comment to one of the reviews: “Even when she’s kicking ass, she’s a total bore.”

That was my feeling from the trailers. A decent enough actress, badly miscast.

And what with the anti-White/anti-male PC cult pocket lint on top of that - bollocks to it.


I hope you mean that the ‘anti white male’ narrative that has sprung up has about as much validity and worth as a pile of pocket lint, in which case: absolutely!

If you think her comments, however, are anti white male I suggest you read them again. And if you still think that, make sure your reading glasses are on. And if you still think that? Well I guess your opinion on this film is less than meaningless to me.


You may be a cleaver murderer but we are 100% in agreement.


Of course they are. As she herself says, her personal feelings are irrelevant, I couldn’t care less whether she likes or hates white men; the content of what she’s saying is brainless, bigoted ideological gloop from the insane, quasi-religious political cult that currently has cultural hegemony.


Here’s the speech. It’s from July. If you think she has an issue with white men, you’re either a fool, or listening to sexist idiots.

Jesus Christ, it’s the same reason the term ‘Oscar bait’ means anything. The people voting tend to be overwhelmingly of a certain background/ age group, and so certain film categories tend to disproportionally do well in certain award categories.

Let me guess, you also probably hated the fact that the lead for the new Star Wars movies was female.


Hell no, at least she’s hot when she’s mad.


But by pointing out that they are overrepresented she attacks their innate right to be overrepresented, and so it’s an attack on all of them! Or something. I guess.

I’m seeing this on Thursday, and I’m super excited. I think it’s going to be great!


As I said, her personal feelings are irrelevant. It’s the fact that she’s regurgitating PC cult drivel that’s irritating.


I guess we don’t need to ask your opinion of that Gillette ad, huh?


There’s a Captain Marvel Gillette ad? Weird tie-in.


Saw this on Facebook today, seemed appropriate:


Filmland (Danish Film critic) thinks that Captain Marvel is excellent and praises her characterization of the hero, saying it’s one of the best/most nuanced of the MCU. He does think the story is dragged down by being the Avengers Infinity War/Endgame “prequel”/in-between-film and would have been better as a stand-alone movie in its own universe.

Looking forward to seeing this on Friday.


Well you’re just regurgitating MRA/incel drivel…


I love when totally innocent stuff like a razor ad or a Marvel super hero flick brings the river scum to the surface so we can more easily avoid it.


When fact become “drivel” perhaps the problem isnt rooted in what she said.


I’m left wondering how Wonder Woman released without a bunch of manbabies calling for boycotts and acting like complete turds when that movie explicitly came with a female empowerment message.