Captain Marvel - The Marvel Carol Danvers one, not the DC Billy Batson one


Skrull! Now we’re getting somewhere!


Costume is too Spidermanish looking for my taste.


How does it look “spider-man ish”?


You don’t see any resemblance?


Is that…Ronan from Guardians of the Galaxy in that first photo?


I see a color scheme similarity, but I also see in one shot the colors aren’t nearly as saturated like they are in that production photo for the cover of EW.

Other than colors, though, not at all.


Yes. Remember, much of this film takes place in the past.


And Djimon Hounsou, from the same.


I assumed this was an entirely different outfit. It looks green to me.

And it isn’t just the colors, it is where they are placed. Even with the focal point star/spider in the same spot.


Yeah, I knew it took place in the 90s, just wasn’t expecting familiar faces besides Fury is all.


I always preferred the color scheme of this costume:

Wish they’d put that color scheme on the bodysuit outfit, much better than Spidey-similar.


I’d say it looks even more like Wasp’s suit, actually. A little disappointed that it’s so similar. Not really worried about it though.


I’m pretty sure they didn’t want to overly sexualize her like half of her comics costumes are. And IIRC there are multiple costume types in this movie (or more like color schemes, the one in the group pic is a dark/teal design from what I understand is more from the early Kree scheme).

But yeah there’s a lot of characters from Guardians era stuff, along with a younger Nick Fury and Agent Coulson.

— Alan


They share red and blue color scheme, but so do Cap and Superman.

This photo of the red/blue look shows that the red is much more muted when compared to the glossy red on the cover – feels more like a blue costume with red highlights (pretty much a Kree thing; the other costume is blue with green highlights) vs Spidey’s color scheme.


It just looks a little too uniform across the franchises. Like they’re all wearing uniforms for the same sport, they’re just on different teams. Lots of layered panels and seams, same style, different colors. There’s got to be a way to differentiate things a little bit without resorting to sexualized spandex outfits or something.

As weird as it seems, look at the Justice League movie. Superman’s costume since Man of Steel has included the strange texturing. Batman looks pretty Batman-y, but the Flash looks sort of armored. Aquaman also has a sort of armored look, but you wouldn’t confuse it with the Flash’s costume. (I will not defend the CGI train wreck that is Cyborg.)

Now, I think messing with Superman and the Flash’s costumes was a mistake because they already have definitive, iconic styles that everyone recognizes. But outside of that context, the JL should actually be an inspiration to Marvel. They have more room to experiment with a character like Captain Marvel (or The Wasp). They could’ve still been loyal to the themes of the comic versions while introducing considerably more variety than what we’ve got.

Again, this is a very minor nitpick, but it’s interesting to think about.


Be thankful the MCU costume look isn’t trying to mimic the 90’s pockets, guns, and spiky hair look.


Okay, let the record show I am glad they’re not doing that.


Elsewhere: Rob Liefeld laughs footlessly atop a gigantic fucking pile of money.


Yeah, I much preferred this costume:



I love the current design, which I believe started with Jamie McKelvie’s version.

I just wish it had been translated to the screen without looking like they went to Black Widow and Wasp’s tailor.