Captain Marvel - The Marvel Carol Danvers one, not the DC Billy Batson one


It’s annoys me the audience review for this is so low on RT, like 32%, and then when I brave some of the 1 and 2 star reviews they don’t actually say anything negative, like “I loved the cat and the movie looked great - 2 stars” it’s just… what the fuck, humans? I bailed on reading any of them when I realized how easy it would be to accidentally read a spoiler and I haven’t seen it yet, but I may read a bit deeper after I watch it this weekend. So dumb.


Given the fact that RT has apparently become some sort of battleground over this movie, I wouldn’t trust user reviews there for this title anyway. I’m sure the movie is perfectly fine for a comic book movie. Maybe not on the same level as Blade or Logan, but probably darn good nonetheless.


The audience review score is unlikely to be reliable for this movie, given the other factors unrelated to the movie itself.

I’m more alarmed by the movie being only 63% fresh from Top Critics, with every single critic on that list who I respect giving the movie “rotten” (Todd McCarthy, etc.). I know, as a Marvel fanboy, I’ll get value out of this movie regardless, but those reviews have significantly diminished my expectations, and maybe I’ll enjoy it more as a result.


LOL, no worries. I was a bit punchy last night after a 12-hour day. :D



You do you, but Blade?


I mean, Blade was pretty fucking awesome when I was 11, and I see no reason to assume that has changed!


I had the same reaction. Blade?

It had a great first half, but the final battle and most of the second half failed to generate excitement for me.


You don’t like Blade? It’s one of the best comicbook movie I’ve seen in theaters, and the most memorable one from the 90s. Sure liked it a lot more than the first X-Men which followed shortly after. In my opinion the MCU movies are the airline food of movies, so safe. Blade didn’t play it safe, and it was a better experience for it.

I don’t read comics, so I’m just in it for the movie experience, no expectations or baggage going in.


Count me as another lover of Blade. Haven’t seen it in 10 years or so, though. In fact, watching the last season of True Detective I keep seeing Steven Dorff and remembering how much younger he was in that movie.


Blade was pretty great.


Blade was awesome. Blade Trinity… I don’t know why they say Ryan stumbled with Green Lantern first, he was awful in that movie.


All so true.

Blade is really the movie that launched the superhero boom. Without Blade, there is no X-men and no Raimi’s Spider-man, which exploded things wide open.


What? In the public consciousness Blade was a vampire movie, not a comic book movie. Snipes was an action hero, not a superhero.


In a call with The Verge , a spokesperson said Rotten Tomatoes (which is owned by ticketing platform Fandango) has faced a new level of review-bombing over the past 18 months. She said only a few films have been seriously targeted — including Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Black Panther , two big franchise installments that implicitly or explicitly critiqued racism and sexism. But trolls are becoming a standard risk for any big movie that’s considered too feminist or anti-racist, to the point that studios are actively trying to counter trolls themselves.


I liked Blade, a lot. But better than the first X-men movie? Sorry, I do not want to receive your newsletter, sir!


Watched it this evening.

I think it was perhaps a bit too predictable, a bit too much MCU-formula (I can see why some reviewers think that this drags it down), but all in all, I thought it was a good, entertaining movie. Not the best MCU movie, but very far from the worst.

Brie is awesome in the role, IMO. The “emotionless” acting in the trailers that she was being criticized for, makes perfect sense in the movie, and I can’t wait to see how she’ll interact with the rest of the MCU. And hopefully she’ll get more solo movies - she deserves a chance in an adventure less weighed down by 10 years of movies.

Goose is a scene-stealer. Mendelsohn and Jackson are excellent as well.

For a while, I wondered whether there would be a double-double-cross; i.e., that both the Kree and the Skrulls were the bad guys, and that both were just after the tesseract. But the ending as it was worked well in terms of making sure that she is kept “out of the picture” until Endgame. Good call, I think.

I also like that they make the Skrulls good/morally grey, rather than “eeevil”, which is their usual role in the Marvel comics. At this point, with the Skrulls, Kree, Nova Corps, Reavers, and all the rest, I actually think the MCU could out-Star Wars the Star Wars saga, if they wanted to. There’s some rich storytelling potential in the universe they’ve built out there, and they’ve only just scratched the surface.

I saw some critics grumbling that there are “Solo”-type moments in this film, but I don’t really agree. IMO, the callbacks here make sense and fit - unlike someone being given a stupid name, and choosing to keep it for… reasons.

We’ve been discussing the cohesion of the X-Men universe in the Dark Phoenix thread. This is a perfect example of how you do a flash-back movie without screwing up anything (at least not anything I noticed).

I can kind of understand @WhollySchmidt’s comment that some of the moments of triumph felt flat.
I mean, I don’t think there’s anything in this movie to match Thor’s big moments in Ragnarok or Infinity War, and there should be - there absolutely should be given what happens. I think he is right that something about the cinematography/composition/pacing just isn’t quite up to the level that we’ve been given in those other movies.

That being said, I still enjoyed the movie and it definitely gets a thumbs up from me.

I see there is already speculation that Monica Rambeau (the girl) might be the one to take over as the new Captain Marvel after Larsson, given that she was actually the second Captain Marvel after Mar-Vell.

Doesn’t make sense to me. You’ve just signed an Oscar winner in the role; and (presumably) tied her down for at least 2 more solo movies + ensemble appearances (anything else would be very weird). It just makes no sense to me that they’d want to replace her anytime soon.

But she’s - pretty obviously - going to star in future MCU films, that much is certain. You don’t give a character this much screentime without having some plans for that character.

My wild guess? She’s brave (they really emphasize that, IMO), she’s bright, fixes old planes in her spare-time with her badass fighter-pilot mom, and has a huge role-model in Auntie Carol. No way she isn’t going to be a USAAF pilot, the way they’ve written her. And that would make it easy to write her into Endgame (or some other MCU movie) if, e.g., the heroes deploy a force of Iron Man/Warmachine suits led by Rhodes, controlled by the best pilots of the USAAF - one of them which just happens to be the adult Monica (cue tearful reunion with Auntie Carol). All the other suits get killed/destroyed during the movie, with only Monica surviving at the end, and Tony Stark either dead or retiring. Cue the newest member of the Avengers: Ironheart aka Ironman/Warmachine for the next generation of the MCU.

Perhaps too predictable, but I can’t imagine that this exact storyline hasn’t been pitched at an MCU storyboard meeting.

Sorry about the long rant. I guess I liked it more than I thought, otherwise I wouldn’t bother writing this much.


I loved it, and left the theater feeling like I had just watched the best Star Wars movie in quite some time.


We just got back and we all loved it. My daughter also felt it had a very Star Wars vibe, and my wife rated it as her second favourite behind the first Guardians. A tear or two may have been shed at the intro.


It was pretty great! Definitely in the top 5 of the Marvel movies.


Saw it today with my kids and we all loved it. I didn’t think it had pacing problems like some others. Good origin story and lots of great moments. Thumbs up.