Captain Marvel - The Marvel Carol Danvers one, not the DC Billy Batson one


I thought it was… ok.

I just couldn’t rationalise her even being slowed down for even a second in hand-to-hand fighting when she could shrug off energy bolts, smash through space ships and turn ballistic missiles around. I mean, it would be like Superman engaging in a fist fight with humans.


Do you mean earlier in the movie? Until her moment of talking with the Supreme Intelligence toward the end I don’t believe she had unlocked her full powers. After that she basically is in god mode and has no trouble with anyone.


I meant after. She was still wrestling people even after she was unlocked. If I was able to benchpress say, 3 million pounds, I don’t think you’d be able to even begin to budge me. I don’t think that would have been any need for a “distraction plan” because she’d be on God mode.


It really does have a bit of SW vibe, doesn’t it? To paraphrase my comment (hidden with the spoilers above), the MCU has really done some massive cosmic world-building at this point. With Skrulls, Kree, Nova Corps, Asgardians, Reavers, Adam Warlock (teased for GoG3?), etc., etc., there’s more than enough ingredients in the MCU for them to create some awesome Star Wars-like intergalactic space adventures. And they haven’t even touched upon characters/creatures like Nova, Lilandra, Gladiator, the Brood Queen, the Silver Surfer or Galactus yet.

Would be interesting if one of the things they do for the next phase of the MCU, is make a distinct “Cosmic Saga” mostly set apart from the Avengers/X-Men and whatever else might be being planned for the next story arcs on earth. I’d be totally down for a bunch of some space adventures about a Brood invasion of the Shi’ar Empire, more Krull-Skree war, etc. Come on, Marvel - make it so.


Saw it yesterday. Very solid effort from Marvel. Its was fun, action packed and while not necessarily unique, it did have a nice twist. There should be no worries about Ms Larson, she was great in this. All in all, I had a Flerken good time.


I saw it last night in IMAX. Loved it! Just chiming in to add my voice to the chorus and to say that I got an extra chuckle out of the motorcycle dude’s “Smile” line because of this thread.


Ooh, not to be a downer, but that was a perfect example of a scene where it was clear how I was supposed to respond, but it fell a little flat.

I’m glad Danvers didn’t like, murder the guy with an energy blast, but there’s the remark from the guy, the pregnant pause as we await her reaction, and then… she just steals his bike while he’s inside. I thought it was going to be somehow smarter or more clever, that she’d have a quip that put him in his place or was a little more instructive about why that guy was a jerk. But nah. Just takes his bike. Not bad, still especially funny given the “why doesn’t she smile” meta-conversation around the movie. But I was expecting better.


There really is no “deeper”. There are just a bunch of dudes who are angry about stuff that they heard Brie Larson had said in an interview, but neither bothered to read what her comments actually were nor see her followup clarifications for them. And the traditional tantrum for this specific type of dude is to bomb user reviews with negative scores because of how mistreated they feel. I haven’t seen the movie yet so I can’t speak on whether or not it’s bad, but a good chunk of these reviews really have nothing to do with the movie itself.


Well this is a new alert to me. I guess it’ll help me keep track of wayward souls.


Just finished watching it. It was great. All my fears about Brie Larson were unfounded.

The advertising for this movie did not do it justice.


Shit, this must be why it’s so hard to become a ninja.


Just got home. Easily in my top 5 Marvel movies. I mean, granted, I’m partial to women kicking the ass of men, (not to mention the line ‘I don’t need your approval’), but even with that, it was very enjoyable. My wife even liked it - and she’s not the biggest Marvel fan. I mean, she didn’t like GotG, which I don’t see how that’s even possible.


Give your wife a high five for me.


My wife and I liked it. It was good. Not great, but a solid MCU entry.

The 90’s setting was kind of a nothing element. Other than the opportunity to show a Blockbuster, a Radio Shack, and drop in a few 90’s hits, the time period was just necessary to let Carol do her thing without The Avengers. I guess there’s one teeny detail when Maria mentions that because they were flying in '89 they couldn’t be combat pilots, but that’s pretty minor.

Annette Bening was wasted in her role. Ben Mendelsohn was great. Jude Law was okay.

I’m not clear on the Kree at all. They’re the blue people, right? Or are they like a conglomerate of aliens? What was Jude Law supposed to be?

The MacGuffin made no sense to me.

I get that it was the Tesseract, but the all the stuff about the Lightspeed Engine or whatever was some nonsense. A Lightspeed Engine? What? Neither the Skrull nor the Kree seem to have any issues with folding space and travelling beyond light speed.


I wondered this as well, since they are large and blue skinned in Agents of SHIELD. This is from the Marvel wiki:

“The original Kree had blue-colored skin, but a second racial group with pink skin resembling that of human Caucasians emerged over the millennia. The blue-skinned “purebred” Kree have become a small, but powerful, minority. Pink Kree are much more durable than their blue racial brethren.”

To your spoiler, I believe that they are only able to fold space and travel great distances at specific points, which if you remember took Jude Law 22 hours to get to the nearest one. Perhaps, the purpose of a light speed engine would be to make travel to the jump gates (or whatever they called them) much faster? Just guessing.

While I can’t speak to how much enjoyment you got or didn’t out of the 90’s settings (the crash in the internet cafe leading to her using a paper map, or waiting to load a CD ROM to me were priceless moments) I don’t agree with your conclusion. I think setting it in the 90’s sets up events nicely for Avengers, like what that little girl could grow up to potentially be in the future MCU films, or even just as a way to bring Captain Marvel into the MCU without her just “showing up” with no explanation.


Re: the McGuffin The way I understood it is that the Kree & Skrulls could travel between jump points. The lightspeed drive would let them reach systems that do not have jump points, allowing a homeworld outside the reach of the Kree. Paradox latter patches out all non-starlane FTL and the Skrulls are toast.


Insert my “Cosmic Marvel isn’t Star War-ish, Star Wars is Cosmic Marvel-ish” monologue here. (It’s somewhere in the GotG movie thread.)


This was fun. It was light compared to the last several movies, with more humor, a sort buddy cop feel, a fair amount of space action and an unexpected guest star that really stole the show in every shot.

I a few questions came to mind.

So the Kree empire is actually several planets and species forced into the empire, aka they’re not at all blue?

Ronan said he’d come back for the weapon, but he meant her not the cube except he, well, he never does so why even add that line?

Goose and Fury were a lot of fun together.

The first end credit made me excited for more movies, and the second was still fun

For parents, there are some slow parts in this movie but if kids have seen the previous movies, i don’t know why they would have any problems here.

There are two parts, beyond the slow parts, that might be an issue.

My nephew (10)leaned over and told me the archive scene, where the lights kind of turn on and off with motion and have this cascading effect was scary. It’s not a scary scene but… there are several horror/slasher movies that set-up scary scenes this way so I think he was actually anticipating something that never happens

There a scene around the cat that shocks and surprises, on purpose. I think my 4 year old nephew might find it scary but it moves quickly to humor so it might not be an issue. I can’t really say much more without a total ruination of a plot point, but I suspect most younger kids might get scared there, but only momentarily.

I also enjoyed the soundtrack. It isn’t hugely memorable but it got heroic and space down pretty well.

Nick Fury also received a lot more Samuel L Jackson kind of humor and action movie influence than before which I think was nice. It at least showed, for a little bit, that he is capable despite severe human limitations.


I just assumed that was sequel bait? Not that the movie needed that, there is lots of potential ground to cover, what with Jude Law & the AI Mastermind still out there.


Ronan’s dead, though. He died in Guardians of the Galaxy.