Captain Marvel - The Marvel Carol Danvers one, not the DC Billy Batson one


I really liked it a lot, top five Marvel movie for me. She and Fury are funny together, I think the chemistry is great. There is some really funny parts, but it didn’t get too jokey. I love that they didn’t treat her like an idiot when she landed on a planet she’d never been to. And thank God there wasn’t a love story, I was worried she and Jude Law were going to become a thing after their training sequence.


Thor 2 apologist reporting for duty. It’s the best Loki movie, and that counts for a lot.


That makes me happy! I recognized Kelly but I don’t know what Jamie looks like, so as a huge fan of his costume design I’m glad he was in there too.


My theory on Kree skin color is that at some point they had a plan to emphasize the diversity of colors, and that’s why Jude Law was “white” too.

They feinted at Danvers being Kree, and even if they had dialog explaining it, she would’ve stuck out suspiciously as the white Kree, hence they keep Jude Law as white looking too to further normalize that as a Kree skin color.

But somehow a clearer explanation of the diversity of the race got cut, and we’re left with an even more confusing situation with Jude Law and Danvers both looking human, but treated as if they’re Kree, and then one of them isn’t, and nothing is explained. I’m guessing a not insignificant number of people don’t think Jude Law is Kree at any point in the movie. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


That’s a whole lot of work for a detail that I think people will be fine with, some aliens just look like humans, no biggie, it’s not like people were all “Why are there humans in Xandar” in GotG. Besides, he’s got blue blood, that’s enough of a distinction and remarked at in the movie, it’s fine, no need to go all Kree subspecies explanation…

Also, what are the chances the writers are fans of The Long Kiss Goodnight?


Goofs: In the Blockbuster, on the top row of a shelf, the VHS box for Hudsucker Proxy, The is placed to the left of Hook. It’s been a while since I was in a Blockbuster, and maybe Blockbusters in Los Angeles weren’t held to the same standards as the ones in my region, but I recall them having their movies stocked in proper alphabetical order. Hook should come before Hudsucker.

Fun movie. I could watch Samuel L. Jackson run around in his prime and Captain Marvel cackling and punching holes in capital ships all day. Also, this was the best movie to hit me in my high-school-age musical nostalgia organ since Tag.


Captain Marvel blasts off to the 6th best opening worldwide opening, and the highest-grossing female-led worldwide opening ever. With a $455M opening, it crushes Wonder Woman’s $228 opening weekend and seems on track to becoming yet another >$1B MCU film. So, yeah - we’re going to see a lot more of Brie Larson in this role in the years to come (and no doubt, an equal amount of gnashing of teeth from the loud guys who think they represent the entire audience of these movies).

Re: the Ronan the Accuser, I wouldn’t be surprised if they plan to do another “prequel” film (perhaps more than one) with Captain Marvel, explaining what she’s been up to between the first film and the Infinity War. More than enough years, so why not? We know that it was the conclusion of a peace between Xandar and Kree that led to Ronan going rogue, and given that Captain Marvel is intent on “ending the war”, it would make sense that she was involved with that in some way.


It was OK, and I like Brie Larson, but I just wonder how they’re going to come up with opponents that can challenge her. If she’s the most powerful superhero in the Marvel universe, that means taking on Thanos shouldn’t be too much trouble, and then what? They’re going to have to come up with silly ways to either remove her from the equation (like Thor in a Avengers 2) or make her weaker (aka Kryptonite), so the whole movie will just be us waiting for her to regain her full power and end the thread (aka Justice League).

But I’m glad it did well.



I don’t even agree that what the movie shown us anything like an overpowered hero by comparison to Thor, Iron Man or Dr. Strange. Hulk too, depending on the day.


Scarlet Witch and Thor are both on par with Captain Marvel, in terms of power level.

Hell, Thor took the full force of a neutron star in Infinity War. Then he overpowered the Infinity Gauntlet with an axe throw.


Feige has said that she is the most powerful, so nyah.

And more direct:

“We thought it was the right time to finally introduce Captain Marvel to the world. She is one of the most popular characters and one of the most powerful characters in the comics and will now be the most powerful character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe,” Feige said in a statement to IANS.


Right, but based on what we see in the movie its not like an orders-of-magnitude comparison. She’s the strongest, but there are others in the ballpark.


Most powerful doesn’t mean she can kick everyone’s ass with ease. It might just mean that she can transport a ship at light speed, while Thor needs a tool to do the same.
She can fly by herself, Iron Man needs a fancy armor to do the same, but he still flies.
Hulk is much stronger than Dr. Strange, but he might not be able to get out of falling forever spell.

Hell, one of the greatest villains in Marvel history is a dude without any powers, just a sub Iron Man armor and sub Dr. Strange magic. It’s fine. She’ll be as powerful as the script requires, I imagine Marvel is smart enough not to get into Flash series trouble…


Based on what we’ve seen on screen, put me in the camp that’s still not convinced she’s as strong as the the Infinity War version of Thor.

She certainly could be, and I’m aware of all the “official” statements that she is, but the only movie we’ve seen her in so far doesn’t make that case.


I would just like to point out how awesome it is that they actually included a line in the movie about Larson smiling more.

PS, also by gurugeorge:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I think she’s miscast and wooden, and that the movie will be a (relative) flop, but boy those CGI power blasts look damn good! :)

$455 million opening says “hi”.


Someone picked it up, thought about it, and put it back in the wrong place. Very Blockbuster.


My nephew tells me Captain Marvel sunbathes on the sun in his cartoon.


I don’t know what the context of Thor’s interaction with a neutron star is in Infinity War (haven’t seen it yet) but I will note, as an astrophysicist, that neutron stars are drastically more hostile environments (MUCH stronger gravity, much more hard radiation) than a star like our sun would be, especially on the surface. Now, whether the folks at Marvel know that, I couldn’t say.


I can assure you that the representation of a neutron star in that Avengers movie is 100% scientifically accurate.