Captain Marvel - The Marvel Carol Danvers one, not the DC Billy Batson one


Well, I expect nothing but perfect scientific accuracy from my comic book movies, it’s the whole reason I go to see them after all! Also, I demand wham-bang sci fi action/adventure from my science documentaries, or really what’s the point?


I feel like I want to give you the context, but at the same time it’s kind of a key piece, component, to that movie. You should go watch Infinity War.


I really do intend to, though I’ve also been half-thinking I should just wait and watch it right before seeing Endgame… spare myself the wait you know?


Well did you see this one yet? I mean you can but… seeing the end credit scene (1) wouldn’t be great prior to Infinity Wars.


Re: power levels, remember that she basically just dinged to her new level in this movie, while Thor in Infinity War has been in multiple movies by that point. I would imagine she has grown in ability due to experience since this origin movie.

Either way, she’s definitely in the upper tier for the MCU.


What I’ve generally done with Marvel movies is fall behind, then catch up in a burst, repeat.

So I haven’t seen Ant Man and Wasp, Homecoming (I’m not actually sure where that one is, timeline-wise), Infinity War, or this one. I don’t really go to the movies anymore, unfortunately, so it’s always a matter in part of waiting for stuff to be available on streaming.


This is right after Civil War, although Black Panther is right in there too and might actually be before Spiderman.

If that works for you. It seems like it would be impossible to avoid spoilers during that time, but i also know a few people who go out of their way to get spoilers so whatever works.


Well Homecoming is on Netflix! As is Infinity War and Ant Man (I think, may just be Xfinity)

As far as timing Homecoming is slightly before Infinity War, Ant Man concurrent with. Literally both end at the exact same moment.


I try not to let spoilers bother me. Movie-going (at least around here) has become such an unpleasant chore that I’d much rather just wait. It’s much nicer to watch on the couch with my wife and some popcorn - no stupid 3D glasses, no assigned seating, no obnoxious crowd.

I was aware they had Infinity War but not the others. Might be time to resubscribe!


Ah, dang. I just verified and they have all of the recent ones but Homecoming. It was on there previously.


Amazon Prime has Spider Man: Homecoming - we just watched it last week.


One thing I noticed about Captain Marvel: her name isn’t “Marvel” and her rank isn’t Captain.


That’s actually one of the things that jumped out at me in the movie – I don’t believe that the term “Captain Marvel” was every uttered. The only place it showed up was in the closing credits.


They’ve tried solving this a few times in the MCU, and I think Thor: Ragnarok is the most viable template. That movie had no right to be any good, given the yawn-inducing cosmic scale conflicts and universe hanging in the balance bullshit. But the actual treatment was so over the top and ludicrous that it was actually a fun watch. And they took advantage of several movies’ worth of building up the characters and relationships to give it some more grounded impact.

The problem for Captain Marvel is they didn’t do any setup that’d carry over like e.g. Loki did. They’re not going to get any mileage out of Fury, Talos or Ronan. Maria and Monica have no superpowers, so they don’t really have room in a story of that scope. And while Goose is adorable, he also has a somewhat limited range…

Maybe they can find some time to do the setup in Endgame, despite the movie being pretty crowded?


Im slightly depressed about this, as it seems a bit late in the piece to be introducing the most powerful MCU character.

I had assumed she would be the most powerful human character ie slightly under the Thor / Hulk range.

But if her power comes from the macguffin then maybe she is more powerful since the macguffin is pretty much it.


Crazy new theory, twice-removed from being anything approaching likely since it already depends on my crazy theory for Endgame. Spoilers for what I speculate could happen in Endgame based slightly on some production leaks from months ago:

It’s popular to assume time-travel will be some version of the answer to undoing the damage Thanos did.

My theory—based on little more than a generous interpretation of some comments from Marvel about the Quantum Realm and wishful thinking—is that time travel isn’t the answer, alternate universes are.

I don’t think anyone’s going back in time to undo what Thanos did, I think the heroes will hop to familiar but alternate versions of our reality, grab those infinity stones, and make their own powered-up gauntlet to re-re-write reality. Not so that what Thanos did never happens, but so that by the time they’re done, things are put back (mostly) to the way they were.

So where does Captain Marvel fit into this? What if they get five of the stones from other realities, but their plan falls apart retrieving an alternate space stone (the tesseract)?

Danvers’ powers came from a battery charged by the tesseract, what if she sacrifices some (all?) of her power to make up for the missing space stone?

She saves the day not because she’s just too powerful for Thanos (I think that would be dumb), but in a clever way tied to her origin, and it gives them an out to rewrite her power levels.

Someone bookmark this in case I’m right so I’ll know to buy lottery tickets too.


OK, having 24 hours elapse after seeing it, I have some spoiler-tastic questions:


Was there actually a “lightspeed drive”? If there was, does it still exist?

The “lightspeed drive” was the McGuffin that everyone is chasing. It’s revealed later on that Talos wasn’t actually seeking the technology, he just wanted to re-establish contact with his baby-mama and (possibly unknown?) child.

Also Mar-Vell’s remembered words kind of made it sound like the “real” project was simply to act as some kind of Kree underground railroad. And the souped-up spaceplane that she and Danvers got shot down in didn’t seem to have anything special going on in terms of speed or power.

But of course, Mar-Vell did have the Tesseract, which we now know is the “space-stone”. And the shot-down plane did apparently have some special power source since (a) Mar-Vell was intent on blowing it up, and (b) presumably not every Kree power-source imbues super-powers in bystanders when they explode.

I guess a follow-on question would be: If the plane’s power-core was remotely powered by the space-stone, do Danvers’ powers come from the space-stone too? Now that Thanos has possession of it, does she still have powers?


This is more of a quibble, but it annoys me:

In the final confrontation on Mar-Vell’s cruiser, Danvers’ self-realization causes power to fluctuate everywhere, making Fury’s bonds pop off and the force-field imprisoning the Skrull civilians to drop. When that force-field drops, two Kree guards turn around to face a wryly-amused Talos.

So far so good.

Later, to absolutely no one’s surprise, we find that one of the two guards escorting the Skrulls from wherever to wherever was in fact Talos. With Fury’s help he blasts the other guards in the room and everyone hops onto the proto-quinnjet.

So what happened with the second guard? Did he simply not realize that Talos had duplicated his buddy somehow? Was he killed/disabled by the civilian Skrulls and ANOTHER second guard joined them later on and didn’t think to ask about the first guy?


Who, exactly, was detaining Fury and Vers at the Cheyenne Mountain-type place?

It wasn’t the Skrulls, because they weren’t aware of the place until Fury called for backup. It wasn’t the Kree, because they didn’t have any presence on Earth.

I guess we’re supposed to take Fury’s comment about “running a scam” to be the answer? The Pegasus project petered-out after Lawson/Mar-Vell’s death six years before, but the entire facility’s staff were lying to the USAF about it in order to collect a paycheck?


I think you should invest in the [spoiler] tag for that.


One: yes, her powers originated from it, but I don’t think they’re tied to it going forward. See my crazy theory above for wild speculation along those lines of my own.

Two: dunno

Three: I presume the Pegasus project was still doing stuff, it wasn’t shut down. So they were understandably suspicious about someone showing up asking to talk to their scientist that died six years ago (and may have even recognized Danvers) and had a lot of questions they were going to want answers to before they just start giving a lowly level 4 S.H.I.E.L.D. agent a tour


Fah! I’m not going to molly-coddle someone who expands a section-header right after the word “spoiler-tastic” and gets spoiled. Personal responsibility, people!

Or… is there some mobile theme where the sections aren’t collapsed?