Captain Marvel - The Marvel Carol Danvers one, not the DC Billy Batson one


Lol I think that retcon would win a no-prize!


Oh, hahahahaha! I was just talking to my wife and she thought Jude Law was supposed to be a Terran/human all along!


Yeah. Unfortunately, as much as I love the MCU, I’ve come to think things like this within the context of the Infinity Stones. Which is basically just this universe’s version of a cheat code. Which usually ruins things for me.

It’s another level of suspension-of-disbelief for me in this case. Since they can fuck with whatever they want because of the power of the stones. But I love the universe so much I can dismiss this in ways I don’t dismiss rules in other movies or books. Which is a weird thing on my part, I think.


“Can you turn into a cat?”


That was fun. Felt slow, but that’s the nerd in me that already knows a lot of the background.


I am slightly surprised that anyone has had issues with the Kree being different colours. You all realise that Djimon Hounsou was in both Guardians and Captain Marvel?

Kree being blue and ahem any other colour is a thing that should be not that much of surprise.

I mean in the real world not everyone that comes from this planet is the same colour so why should that be the case in the MCU.


I thought he was an android or something until this movie. He just sort of sparked in the end.


I wasn’t a big fan of the presentation of Skrulls as “downtrodden refugees” here, since my take on the Kree-Skrull conflict has always been bad guys vs bad guys. No one comes out smelling like a rose on either side. Wish they’d put in some sort of “well, we’re just trying to find a place to live but some other Skrulls are real dicks” verbiage…or maybe they did but I missed it. In any case, minor complaint.


Talos did say something like, “It’s a war, and I’ve done bad things. We’ve all done bad things.”


Yep, when she felt bad for fighting on the wrong side the whole time.

This is Marvel. They can easily flip someone in later movies which is what they did with Loki.


The Kree are described as terrorists, and Talos himself admits to having done dirty things. I think the biggest departure in the MCU is that the Skrull in Marvel are an empire, which they are very definitely not here.

But I don’t see any reason why the Skrull (or a faction of them) won’t be the bad guys in future films. And we don’t know what has happened in the 20+ years between Captain Marvel and Endgame…


I had no idea he was also a Kree. Was that ever said explicitly in Guardians?


Watched this last week. A lot of it fell kind of flat to me, although it’s hard to put my finger on the problem. Loved the buddy stuff with Fury, liked the main character and her backstory. Loved the sequence that shows her getting back up whenever the world is trying to keep her down. But somehow, and I don’t know if it was the script or the actress, I didn’t feel sold on the portrayal of the main character. The ending also felt anti climatic since once she beat the limiter there was nothing that was really a threat.

Still looking forwards to seeing Captain Marvel in Endgame though 😀


Caught this last night with the gf, who for some reason continues to inflict the occasional MCU flick on herself.

I rather liked it, and was pretty taken by surprise by most of the twists and turns throughout as a dedicated “I read some Wikipedia pages once” comics fan. Really dug the licensed music, the buddy cop feel with Fury, seeing Coulson again. and most of the final fight sequences at full power.

Funnily enough, despite being a big cat guy, I was basically indifferent to Goose after, you know, the thing. That felt like about the least clever direction to take that storyline, lol.

Really enjoyed more or less the whole principle cast with the exception of Annette Bening as Lawson/Mar-Vell/Danvers’ interpretation of the Supreme Intelligence, who I felt was kinda just meh. In some ways, she reminded me of David Thewlis as Mars in Wonder Woman, who I just couldn’t at all believe in the role they were pushing him into. shrug

Definitely an upper-half Marvel flick for me, though I’m not sure on exactly where it’ll fall just yet. Like most, I am REALLY excited to see Captain Marvel in Avengers next month, though.


I thought Capt.Marvel was quite good. Although, ironically for a comics movie, a female Capt. Marvel and Mar-vell took a bit of suspension of disbelief. The twist in the middle was definitely surprising and contrary to the comics, at least when I was still reading them. The lead was excellent for a complete unknown, or at least a complete unknown to me.The product placement for defunct, or nearly defunct products was amusing. The hairball scene was very clever.


It was entertaining, probably among the good Marvel movies, but not among the best. Brie Larson’s performance overall didn’t do a lot for me - and I’ve really liked her in other movies. Here she was best when she was teamed up with Jackson/Fury. And the movie didn’t really start working for me until the two of them met. I didn’t care about the action set piece that came prior that or anything we saw on whatever the planet’s name was.

In terms of cinematography everything felt a bit bland - which, sadly, is true for numerous other MCU movies, too. I liked the “gets up again after she fell down” aspect of the character, but the scene itself with the Supreme AI shooting some weird beam at her and Danvers simply needing to get pissed off enough to get stronger - all that came across as uninspired.

The humor worked for me most of the time - as did the cat. I didn’t know whether the movie was going to show how Fury loses his eye, but I did enjoy that it wasn’t some big moment of torture or self-sacrifice, but something rather accidental that happaned after the actual plot had already concluded. “It’s just a scratch.” “No, it’s not.”

I’d really like to see a VFX breakdown at some point to see how much of Jackson’s de-aging was practical and how much was digital. (Yes, I know, a good chunk of it was digital.) It was the first time that it didn’t feel weird or uncanny (unlike Kurt Russell in Guardians 2 or RDJ in Civil War). I never thought about it during the movie.

I’ll add to the Kree discussion above. I’m not familiar to the comics, so it was confusing to see Ronan being a part of this. I had kinda assumed that he was a different species and simply happens to be someone the Kree are aligned with and employ whenever shit needs to get done.

Also, I’m not sure if they did something to the make-up of Ronan or something because a good part of the group I watched the movie with came out of it thinking that the role had been played by a different actor this time.


He was still being played by Lee Pace, but at the very beginning of Guardians he’s being girded for his righteous holy war thingamabob and it included a whole makeover. I think the “warpaint” he had applied in Guardians of the Galaxy really made him look a lot different, and certainly more fierce.


Yeah that showdown lacked tension. I don’t really know what the Kree were trying to accomplish there. It feels like the character had already had her revelation, decided who she was, what her allegiances were, etc. Maybe if she had had a rebellion against the AI earlier in the movie and gotten suppressed, it would have been more interesting?


Wait, I thought Fury undid those cuffs himself? A payoff to “you should see what I can do with a paper clip.”


Saw it this morning and thought it was pretty good, second half better than the first. My wife knew all about the comic, her origins, etc, but I had no idea. So the first half was a bit funky for a while but the acting made more sense as time went on.

One thing that bugs me is the way they left the scientist behind on Earth to die, disguised as Carol. Why would they do that, given how they went out of their way to show how much the leader cared about his fellow Skrull? It slowed Jude Law down about 5 minutes so it really seemed like a pointless sacrifice, manufactured just so they could show that scene.


Captain Marvel in her current iteration in the comics has always done better as either a macguffin or a guest star. She is literally too over powered which is cool and all but makes her a bit pointless too.

Hopefully another movie finds someway to play with this.