Captain Marvel - The Marvel Carol Danvers one, not the DC Billy Batson one


Doesn’t bode well for the appearance of the Super Skrull in the MCU. Dammit.

I’d place this one in the bottom tier of the MCU movies with Thor 2 and IM2. Not actively bad, just mediocre enough for me to leave the theater thinking of how I’d fix it rather than how cool it was.

  • Fury and Coulson were big pluses, but explaining the eyepatch (and the reason for calling it The Avengers Initiative) felt a little too much like how Solo was dutifully filling blanks that didn’t need to get filled. But it was nice to see nerdy stuff like Ronan showing up.
  • Did not like the script bouncing around from planet to planet, it left very little time for any character development for the Kree and Skrull characters. There was absolutely no reason for the mission planet, that could have all been done on Earth.
  • In fact, I think the movie should have stayed on Earth (or at least Earth orbit) and used a few flashbacks as needed, would have given the inner conflict more time to breathe. Too much of the film was spent setting up the big reveal good-bad guy inversion rather than exploring the inner contradictions that CM was being asked to reconcile.
  • Would have liked to see the Skrulls better developed, they went from generic to aren’t they lovable without really earning it on the screen.
  • Most of the soundtrack felt jammed in rather than additive or organic. There was an actual jukebox in the space station, yet it was not the source of the fight music.
  • At no point in the movie did CM talk or act like a credible member of the US (or Kree) military, and that’s the script’s and the director’s fault.
  • Marvel casting is usually excellent, but I found Larson to lack any charisma in the role, and her character’s attitude never seemed to stray very far from ‘flippant jerk,’ no matter what the state of her memory. If she’s going to be the face of the MCU going forward, they need to give her some range. And flaws.
  • Yeah, the cat was funny, but a cat can’t carry the film.

It also had the benefit of not having to explain what impact the later activities with the Tesseract would have/will have on CM’s abilities.


It annoys me that they referred to the magic drive as a “Lightspeed Drive” when literally everyone is already using faster than light space travel technology or they wouldn’t be able to get around in any sort of practical timeframe, much less at the speeds depicted in the movie.

Quite enjoyed the movie + 90s nostalgia, though. Certainly it did more for me than the little I’ve read of Captain Marvel in the comics. Though it’s hardly alone in that respect. The rights issues mean that nearly the entire MCU is focused on characters I have little if any history with in their original format - I never read Iron Man, Avengers, Thor, etc etc. I’ve gone back since and read a few things but it can be pretty hard to sort the wheat from the extensive fields of chaff in superhero comics. (Did read a fair amount of Brubaker’s run on Captain America and the Civil War miniseries, though!)

Mostly I was an X-Men and Spider-man guy.


This issue has already been addressed. A lightspeed drive is different from their current mode of travel, which is a jump drive. They currently travel between jump points and then have to cover the other distances at sub light speeds. A light speed drive would allow movement around the galaxy without the restrictions of jump points. Its like going from a bicycle to a motorcycle. It would give the race owning it a major advantage.


Sure, being able to go at the speed of light would make the trips between jump points faster, and I could buy that being an advantage. But since it would take literally years at light speed to go between even adjacent systems, I don’t see it obsoleting jump points in any meaningful way or being the degree of advantage that’s suggested. Being able to directly connect two points in space the way the Space Gem apparently can, on the other hand, absolutely an enormous advantage. But way, waaaaay beyond just lightspeed.


I don’t get it. Can’t they just poke a pencil through a folded piece of paper and travel that way?


“Do you understand me? Is my universal translator working?”


The space flight rules for the MCU aren’t super clear. Bruce Banner (as the Hulk) took off in a jet at the end of Avengers 2 from Earth and somehow ended up on a different planet. He presumably had no knowledge of any sort of intergalactic jump gate system so how did that work?

Also it appears that the Bifrost Bridge allows for instantaneous travel, and Heimdal manages to use it from an arbitrary point in space (a ship) to another arbitrary point (NY’s Sanctum).


Yeah, you have to do some serious hand-waving of already established MCU space travel to make the “Lightspeed Engine” work as a logical MacGuffin. It’s dumb. I can live with it, but it’s dumb, and I feel a little exasperated when people try to explain it.


Or it’s just a name, and it doesn’t literally mean it propels a ship at (only) the speed of light.

But my pet (unlikely) theory is that they were throwing “lightspeed” around so much so they can allude to Carol not aging as being due to relativistic effects.


In the comics, he’s betrayed by Reed Richards et al and they programmed in the destination. But then, in the comics, the space part of the continuity has been part of storylines for decades.


Well when the get around to revealing that shes actually half kree that will explain the ageing. But that might not be until another CM movie.


This was my takeaway; it was A lightspeed drive, not THE lightspeed drive. So perhaps this was just a super-fast and/or super-efficient variety which made galaxy-to-galaxy travel feasible. But in the end, any thought of actual physics is always going to require handwaving in super hero films.


What if they had just called it the special drive thats powered by the tessaract?


I think “Tessaract Drive” would have been a totally workable name for it. Somebody in the studio probably did some focus group testing with idiots, however.


In my viewing the lightspeed drive moniker seemed to me to be a macguffin so that the tesseract could be a surprise.


I just imagine Matthew McConoaughey saying that his Lincoln has a “special drive” in one of those dingdong commercials.



Down here in the bottom of the world we dont get Lincoln commercials.


I envy you.



McConaughey had a special drive in Serenity but he fought against it.


Perhaps they use both. A Jump drive to between jump points and then a light speed drive for the rest of the trip. That would cut a substantial amount of travel time and would be a major advantage. It doesn’t have to “obsolete” a Jump drive to be advantageous. Anyway, in a universe where some beings can take the full concentrated force of a sun and survive, this seems like a weird point to get hung up on.