Captain Marvel - The Marvel Carol Danvers one, not the DC Billy Batson one


If you don’t already know how the pieces connect, it’s a fairly hard-to-follow trailer. Things fly by so quickly it feels deliberately obscure. And there’s no splashy central image or event to grab onto.

Of course, it’s a teaser trailer aimed at getting the Marvel faithful to go through it shot by shot* and not aimed at noobs at all; the “explain what this movie is about” trailer will come later.

*Watching it again this morning with the sound off I finally noticed the shot of the Skrull with the ears, which I totally missed the first time. And I also noticed that a bunch of the shots are done with a telephoto lens to give it that extra 90s feel, which I thought was a nice touch.


For me, the central image was the “what makes her a hero” tagline with the multiple versions of her in the past defiantly picking herself off the ground. I don’t really know the character from the comics, but I THINK I got a sense of what she’s like here.


Not true. There was that big shot of the Blockbuster Video store.

Honestly, I really liked the trailer.


Looks boring. Very tired of super hero movies. Bring on Avengers 4 and then END THEM.


I think this is my underlying issue right here. Logan was the most recent one that I actually enjoyed.


That shot is fantastic, probably for the movie, but most definitely for the trailer. With that one three-second glimpse, the audience is told “this happened a few decades ago,” without an annoying timestamp or a silly narrator laying it out for you.

I liked the trailer too, and I’m expecting that this will be a pretty good movie. Not because of the trailer per se, but because it’s a Marvel Studios movie, and even the bottom-of-the-barrel from Marvel Studios (Thor 2) was still pretty good.


You don’t know that! Maybe she landed in Bend, Oregon!




Yeah, Thor 2 is unforgivable! :)


edit nevermind.

Finally saw the trailer. It’s not my favorite.


Really? Did you see Ragnarok?


No, because I’m very tired of super hero movies.


Trailer #2


I want to like this, particularly for the Kree Skrull war stuff, but it looks like Marvel finally aimed for a bridge too far with this one.

It just seems like it’s trying too hard - all the jokes seem forced and just a little off with their timing; the effects seem like someone is just trying to “dazzle” without any artistic vision; all the alien Kree/Mar-vell stuff looks as flat and “going through the motions” as Reynolds’s Green Lantern. And Brie Larson just seems miscast.


It looks cool but I am not super fond of her delivery of some of those lines, but I’m so there!


Moderately interested. Like ‘Ant Man+’ tier interested. We’ll see.


I was intrigued by the first trailer, but pretty much every line in this new trailer is shoddily written (and sometimes poorly delivered as well, but I won’t blame the actor if the writer let them down). I hope it… all works better… with context? I guess I’m waiting for the reviews. I was enthusiastic for Ant-Man and Wasp when I saw the trailer, but never ended up seeing it after the consensus was in.


So the consensus was not good? I didn’t actually follow that one. It looked decent enough though.


Yeah, not good apparently. But I wouldn’t know for sure!


Ant Man and the Wasp was a blast you weirdos.

This looks like it’ll be great fun.