Captain Marvel - The Marvel Carol Danvers one, not the DC Billy Batson one


That group she runs with does remind me of the guys who trained the Green Lantern though. :)


I think that the buddy cop vibe she has had going with Sam Jackson has been quite good. Each to their own I guess.

I do agree that getting the exposition correct is going to be pretty important.


I don’t agree at all, I think we need to be careful we don’t have all our superheroes as mini clones of each other.


The “boot camp” portions of Green Lantern should have been the most trivial scenes to hit out of the park. Fish-out-of-water weakling kid gets picked on by the other students but wins them over through his pluck and natural talent.

The fact they they did not manage even this easiest of lifts says pretty much everything you need to know about that film.


How irritated are we going to be when this movie leads us to discovering that all of the universe that was snapped were just skrulls.


Well of course we’ve all known all along that we’re…

Hold on.

Are you guys NOT Skrulls?


I heard you guys like CGI and green screens, so here’s some new CGI and green screens to gorge on.

There are possible spoilers about characters in the film if you haven’t watched the trailers:


Why are they showing so much of this movie before its release?


To build hype.


I guess it’s appropriate that this looks so much like a cheesy 80s action movie…?


I’m confused–i thought she could fly


Maybe she gains powers as the movie progresses.


She forgot.

I swear there’s a webcomic/meme about super heroes doing exactly this but I can’t find it. Maybe it was from a TV show…


I do love seeing all of the 80’s stuff. It’s amazing to think that somewhere in Hollywood, there are lots and lots of 80’s cars and other things. Then there’s the 70’s lot, and the 60’s lot. I imagine, someday soon, it’ll be cheaper and easier just to CGI that stuff, but it’s great while it exists.



If this film succeeds it’s going to be in spite of the lead. These trailers make it look like if Kelly Bundy became a superhero.


She looks fresh though.


I dig her.

I am concerned about how much they are showing in the previews. This tells me “mediocre”. Kinda like how much they showed with Aquaman.


Disney announced on their earnings call Tuesday that Captain Marvel will be the first MCU movie held off of Netflix for Disney+.


I’m not looking forward to this Disney+ crap at all, and I usually outright buy most of the movies I like when they reach a reasonable price anyway.