Captain Marvel - The Marvel Carol Danvers one, not the DC Billy Batson one


Did they hint at how much licensing revenue they are forgoing per movie, or just mention it as part of the broader Disney+ business unit?


Said it would cost them about 150+ million in revenue this year. I think they can survive it since End Game might be the first 300 million dollar in a weekend movie.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I think she’s miscast and wooden, and that the movie will be a (relative) flop, but boy those CGI power blasts look damn good! :)


Zero chance of this being a flop, relative or otherwise. It’s getting a ton of marketing. It may not hit Black Panther numbers, but I think it will handily outpeform lowball MCU stuff like Ant-Man & Wasp.


Agreed. It would have to really stink for this not to pull in the crowds and - trailer-based misgivings aside - there hasn’t been anything indicating this is not a perfectly serviceable Marvel flic (compare with “Dark Phoenix”, which is really looking dicey at the moment). Being tied in directly to the Infinity War/End Game arc is also going to be a huge boost.


People keep saying this, but I’m assuming the Captain Marvel movie will have almost nothing to do with Infinity War/Endgame, it will just get a stinger in the credits to whet your appetite. I will be surprised if the narrative is connected in any substantial way.

You’re not wrong though, I think the idea that they might relate will still boost the box office.


I agree to an extent - I don’t think we’ll get a whole lot of Infinity War related stuff in the movie itself, but I do expect her to be one of the primary protagonists in End Game (even though she’s been notoriously absent in the trailers so far). Anything else would be very weird. So I would be surprised if there’s not some attempts at foreshadowing her role in End Game. People are going to be there simply for that.


It’s been awhile since I watched it, but wasn’t the button thing with Fury at the end of Infinity War about her?

edit - forgot to spoiler it, sorry if anyone caught that too soon


Yeah, a lot of people I know are going to see this solely to be familiar with the character for Avengers 4, where she’ll play an important role. I only went to Black Panther in the theatres for that reason. Like Captain Marvel, or any Marvel movie, I would have seen it eventually at home, but Wakanda and its characters playing a part in Infinity War made seeing it early essential, in my opinion.

I pushed a lot of people into seeing the Guardians movies and Thor Ragnarok and Dr. Strange before Infinity War for the same reason. Doesn’t hurt to recommend good movies though. If Captain Marvel is as terrible as it looks, and Brie Larson is as woefully miscast and weak as a protagonist as it seems, the movie will still do very well, but may have a “Last Jedi” effect on future Marvel movies, making their success less automatic.


Woefully miscast? After seeing her in Short Term 12, I have no doubts that Brie Larson can play a protagonist with a core that is both steely and fiery.


I really don’t understand the fretting over Brie Larson’s casting. She’s got the look, and we know she can damn well act. She seems like a perfectly fine choice to play Captain Marvel. If she’s weak in the role, I’m going to blame that more on the script or directing than her.


I like Brie Larson as an actor, but even good actors can be miscast in certain roles. I don’t think acting skill translates into “good in any type of role”. For example, I don’t recall seeing Larson in any action-heavy role, before. I don’t know how she’ll do in the physical aspects of this role. Similarly, there are good actors who don’t fit well into comedic roles. Obviously no way to judge that now, for this particular film, but I don’t think that a bad performance from a “good actor” is always because of script or direction.

Hopefully, she’ll turn out to be great in the role.


I’m just curious, do you have any examples of this? I got the feeling you were probably thinking of some specific films in which this was true. What are the ones that popped into your head?


Free Fire. Some people liked it (search for the Qt3 movie podcast on this) but I thought it was a stinker. But it wasn’t Brie Larson’s fault.


I think it’s debatable whether a movie like Free Fire counts as “action-heavy” in the same way a big tent-pole superhero film does.


Sticking to superhero movies, I didn’t like Hathaway as Catwoman (lacked physicality) or Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face (didn’t think he pulled off the comedic stuff, well).

Basically, I think there are three rough buckets of acting: dramatic, comedic, action. Some actors are stronger in certain roles than others. A few are good at all three. But it’s definitely possible to be a great actor in one type of role and not great or even bad in others. Comedy/dramatic are probably the biggest divide. There are a lot of dramatic actors who just don’t have good comedic timing.


I’m not too worried about this one.

Brie Larson has pulled off - and been recognized - for her comedic chops before. So, from an MCU perspective, check that box off.

She’s obviously been recognized for her dramatic chops. Check that one off, too.

And there have been several stories about her workout regime, including videos and anecdotes about how far she’s been pushing herself for the physical aspects of the role. So let’s check that one off, too.

In short, I don’t really see why anyone thinks a perfectly capable actor with some meaty roles under her belt, dedication to the craft and character, and an obvious high work ethic for the film would be miscast in any way. She’s gonna be great with what they give her. And since it’s a Marvel film, what she’s given is likely going to be at least passable, if not good stuff.

edit To add to this - I also think that it’s great that we’re finally getting a female lead MCU film. Wonder Woman did extremely well - probably because that movie was awesome, but also because it broadened the audience. Black Panther did this. Captain Marvel hopefully continues to prove that tentpole movies, and comic book movies don’t have to be white dude fests. Being awesome, like WW was, will obviously be a good step. I don’t think Marvel is gonna drop the ball on this one.


Yeah, it’s not that I think she’s a bad actress in absolute terms, she’s been good in other things I’ve seen her in; it’s just that her delivery of the lines in all the clips I’ve seen from this look oddly stilted and her face has a fixed expression. Maybe that’s what she thinks a superhero should be like, I dunno.


Can’t be worse than the Game of Thrones wooden faced woman as wooden faced Jean Grey/Phoenix.


Natalie Portman in the Star Wars prequels. Ewan McGreggor in the Star Wars prequels. Haden Christensen in the Star Wars prequels.

All very good actors, all very terrible performances due to George Lucas’ terrible writing.