Captain Marvel - The Marvel Carol Danvers one, not the DC Billy Batson one


I don’t like the way she delivers some of the lines in the trailer. I am going to see the movie and give it a chance though. I have zero reason to think this will in anyway ruin what they have going with Infinity War, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised many times with this run of movies. I mean Thor 3, Guardian 1…

At the end I assume there will be some tie to Infinity Wars, but the fact Nick Fury is in there, maybe we learn more about him. it’s a Marvel movie and I know almost nothing about her anyway, totally there.


Well, now I’m hoping Roxette will wind up on the inevitable '90s throwback soundtrack.


I think this movie’s going to be pretty sweet (technical term) for MCU fans just because the setting lets it be so SHIELD-heavy. This’ll be the first movie with a lot of Nick Fury in five years, and seven years for Coulson. Presumably we’ll get to see SHIELD be unapologetically competent since Hydra is still hiding. Plus there’s the 90s hardware, cool airplanes, a 90s soundtrack, Captain Marvel herself, etc. I don’t think anything in a flat tone we’re hearing in the trailer from Brie Larson is worse than some of the stuff Nebula and Gamora said and they’ve been in great movies.


I’m certainly not worried about her acting in a super hero movie. I mean, I don’t remember Scarlett Johansson being in a lot of action-y roles prior to Iron Man 2, and she kicked all sorts of ass to the point I’m now surprised if she’s in a movie that isnt an action movie.

That’s not to say Larson will do great. But everyone has to do their first action movie. Even if it doesn’t work out (Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern), it might later (Deadpool).


Wasn’t Scott Pilgrim kind of an action movie?


I’d certainly say it had more super-hero-esque action than Free Fire, but also Brie Larson’s character wasn’t really in any of those action scenes.


Remember when everyone thought Robert Downy Jr. as Iron Man was going to be a terrible idea?


Not really, no.


It may not have been the sentiment here, but I promise you the internet was furious that what they had hoped would be a Big Deal Iron Man movie had that washed out junkie in the lead. I always thought RDJ was cool, and it seemed like a brilliant move to me, but I read a lot of backlash on various sites.


Yes. It was a big thing.

I can’t remember all of it but there was serious doubts could do the smart part at all, and he wasn’t really known for action.


My biggest fear with Captain Marvel is that she’s been sort of a “We don’t quite know what to do with her” character. She doesn’t have quite a defined place in the Marvel Universe the way other characters do, where creators might change details, but the core is pretty well defined.

Still, not like it’s the first character to be redefined for the movies and having that redefinition become the definition, so, I’m expecting a good movie, in normal Marvel fashion, maybe not a top tier one, but a good Marvel movie at the very least.


Am I the only one that remembers brie Larson in Kong island? That movie kicked ass!

Also, I wish I named all my children after cheese.


I missed the objection to RDJ, however, I didn’t like him that much in the first Iron Man. But he really won me over in Iron Man 3. I loved him in the movies after that.


Im with you on this Darth. Marvel hasn’t quite known what to do with the character as a lead figure but has been brilliant as a ‘save the day’ / macguffin type eg in the Jessica Jones or the Ms Marvel runs.

Fundamentally Captain Marvel is the most powerful human character in the Marvel Universe, she’s currently billed as ‘earths mightiest hero’ in the latest runs of the comics but that hasn’t seemed to help the books. They never seem to quite gain the traction the deserve.

Also I’d be totally up for a Ms Marvel (kamala khan) movie spinning out of the MCU at some point. Just for the scene where Kamala meets Carol.


The whole Marvel MCU schtick is to turn B-list superheroes into A-list. (Out of necessity partly, because they sold Spider-Man, X-men and Fantastic Four to Fox). As origin story, I’m perfectly willing to see what direction Marvel want to take Captain Marvel to turn her from B-list to A-list, given their track record.

At first I thought Ant-man is kinda meh, but the sequel and his cameo in Civil War turned me around. Same with Thor 1. There is no reason why they can’t turn Captain Marvel around even if this is another meh origin movie.


I remember the whole Brokeback Batman flap when Heath Ledger was cast to play the Joker. No one could ever out-do ole’ Jack, right? And he did that gay cowboy movie, this is gonna be so queer.


This type of judgmental garbage has been going on in superhero movies for a very long time. Michael Keaton as Batman?! That’s gonna suck! Gal Gadot got crucified before she made her appearance as Wonder Woman. I remember the RDJ Drunken Ironman jokes before he nailed the role. Comic book heroes are iconic and everyone who reads the comics they came from as kids has expectations that they figure very few actors can live up to. And then they surprise us. Give Brie a shot and she may just nail the hell out of this.


It’s like you’ve forgotten all the bad ones, some of them really, really bad. You want a list? And let’s not pretend every MCU movie hit it out of that park. The criticism here is pretty darn mild.


The little bits we’ve seen in the trailers indicate she may be miscast in that she comes across slightly mousy and wooden to me. But that’s in only a few out of context shots and Marvel’s casting track record means I’m pretty sure she’ll be fine. And I’m not sure who I would have in mind otherwise. So I’m just gonna wait and enjoy when it comes out.


How is anybody mad when Brie Larson is cast in anything? You people are so weird.