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"22, 36, hut!, hut!

The try outs for the midde eastern verson of Spiderman aren’t going well.

Just when you thought the Middle East couldn’t smell worse

Someone will pay dearly for gluing our right hands to the ground!

The doppleganger loses his saving throw

Five times a day and you’re sure we can’t bend our knees?

The male of the species approaches his potential mates.

On your mark…get set…DEATH TO THE ADULTERER!

I’m telling you, I dropped my contact lens in THIS part of the desert.

“Ancient Greece: A Crowbar and Thou”

A Pictographic Essay by Ben Dover.

Vlad Tepes considered his patented invisible impaling sticks a tremedous success.


Product Testers from the Kraplakhistan Buttfucking Factory Enjoy a Pleasant Walk on the Beach on Their Way Home

The Spina Bifida Olympics were a less-than-smashing success.

“You’re right…this is faster than crawling!”

Millions of years of evolution, and Eli Whitney fucked us out of our niche! Damn you Eli! Damn you!

Ok, for those who are auditioning for the part of the urRu please remember… the director wants to see ageless wisdom and hear deep earth harmonics. Good luck everyone.

My nomination for winner goes to Falgoust, for breathtaking callousness in the successful pursuit of humor.

A modern example of pedigree collapse.

And, THEY’RE OFF! At an early start it’s Mama Jones, followed by an eager Daddy Jones and the two girls trailing behind. It’s looking like an easy victory for Mama today, but, what’s that? Daddy has a knife in his shoe?!?