Captivity=Craptivity- The movie in a nutshell

None of that is worrying. It’s called vicarious thrills and it’s what most torture horror is about. Watching it, and enjoying it, doesn’t mean you’ll end up doing it.

You don’t have to worry until he starts talking about practicing his stabbing technique on fruit or something.

Yeah, but it means you’re into it. Bad enough.

Yeah, but it means you’re into it. Bad enough.

How so? Most guys are into porn but does that mean they have sex like they see in the video? Most people love action films but they don’t go around blowing shit up on their way to work each morning.

It’s almost the same argument that video games make children shoot up schools.

“Oh, he’s into games where you shoot guns at people and take off their heads. Run for your lives!”

As I understand it, most people watch pornography to get sexually aroused. They may or may not have sex according to what they see in the video, but they (usually) do want to have sex afterwards.

I appreciated how violent and realistic that scene from zodiac, but I don’t think the normal reaction should be “Whoa! Awesome!” It should be making you disturbed and appalled, like the first scene from Irreversible

No no, we’re not saying we’re worried that he might do particular actions, we’re worried that he has particular thoughts. You don’t think thoughts can be worrying in and of themselves?

You don’t think thoughts can be worrying in and of themselves?

Only if you believe that those thoughts will turn into actions of some sort. Otherwise, they’re just thoughts.

He wasn’t complaining. He was just pointing at that those things suggested by the previews or those things one might expect in a standard horror flick were absent.

The very fact that the thread is oh-so clecverly titled is enough to discount, somewhat, the review contained herein.

Isn’t Gideon some sort of God-fearing Christian? I hope he’s considering a trip to he11 instead of Heaven, since I hear that’s where all the really good torture and brutality goes down.

Well, he was showing a very unChristian-like glee (or maybe appropriately, who knows?) at the possibility of Scandinavian women getting stoned to death or some-such in a thread at P+R.

She struggles to roll away but the sticks keep on coming:) Stabby, stabby, stabby :)
Yeah, just thoughts. Nothing to worry about. Move on, people.

Are you serious? You realize that you’re a half-step and an erection short of advocating thought crimes, right?

Is thinking about thinking about thought crimes a thought crime?

no, it’s perfectly acceptable to slowly back away when people expresses certain thoughts. They’re still allowed to have them.

Anyone who has ever seen and enjoyed a horror / slasher film of any type, in which any innocent gets murdered, shouldn’t be casting stones at ol’ Gideongamer.

Because any such person knows what Gideongamer is talking about – the vicarious thrill of adrenalin & fear from seeing a (fictional, onscreen, actor) person in mortal peril.

Gideongamer’s just more upfront about it.

The only purely consistent stance here would be my wife’s – she flat out refuses to see scary movies where people get stalked / murdered. Short of that, it’s all a matter of degree. Gideongamer’s just a lot more descriptive… and yeah, it unnerves me a bit too, but I can’t claim that he’s completely round the bend like a lot of folks here seem to be doing.

In more detail, what’s the repulsion with Gideongamer’s post? Is it that he seems to be empathizing with the murderer? Is he, really, though? Or is he empathizing a bit too much with the victim? Is that disturbing in the same way? Why or why not? Motherfuckin’ DISCUSS.

Gideongamer, which is your favorite murder in Se7en?

Who said anything about crime? I’m not saying lock him up, I’m saying, that’s a sick dude that worries me.

Seeing as Hanzii, my fellow euro-commie, also knew what I meant, I can only assume this is one of those pondial things. I’m not arguing to censor his thoughts or even his words, so you can stop worrying about your precious First Amendment. I’m just saying, someone who thinks like that worries me. I’m allowed to be worried by people’s thoughts, I think? Is that OK?

Huh, now you made me come over all P&R.

You do realize the psychosexual implications of the act for that character, right? He is, in no uncertain terms, fucking her with the knife because he can’t get it up. I only mention it because your post seems to consider the killing purely on face value, as if it were in the film just because that’s the kind of thing audiences go for. o_O

One might say it follows logically that his analysis says a lot more about him than the movie. Sometimes, such a comment is a cheap rhetorical ploy. That is not the case here. You may not know of Gideon; I can only infer you don’t if you raised that kind of question. Rest assured the problems in comprehension are not yours.

Nice first post!

And this is really emphasized by the way Fincher shoots the scene. You don’t actually see the knife going in and out of the male victim, but when the woman gets stabbed, there is a clear shot of the knife moving in and out of her numerous times. Pornographic penetration.

I just watched Zodiac yesterday, partly because of this thread, partly because it stars pretty much every single one of my favorite male actors, and partly because I was growing up in the SF Bay Area in the late 70s and I remember a lot of the stuff shown in the movie. Generally speaking, I hate serial killer movies because they tend to glorify their subjects, but Zodiac does a great job of avoiding that pitfall. Fincher really shows a lot of restraint in the making of this film, which is surprising considering he’s the guy that gave us Se7en and Fight Club.

What make Gideon’s breathless description even more… puzzling… is that the scene in question is deglamorized as much as possible, depicting the incident in a nearly clinical fashion. It’s horrifying, for sure, but for me it didn’t push any of the buttons that RepoMan says we all like having pushed. There’s no emphatic music, no stylistic flourishes, none of the glamorizing bullshit I’m used to seeing in onscreen murders. The choice to show the (CGI) knife going in and out of the woman is a major stylistic decision, and while it is pornographic in its clarity, it’s also cold and brutal and inhuman. It didn’t thrill me; it made me feel sick.