Capturing console video?

Any tips for getting hiqh-quality captures of console gameplay? At home I’ve managed to get caps using S-Video and a DV camcorder, but that’s pretty low-res.

Anyone doing captures from composite outputs or VGA/DVI/HDMI on 360s, Wiis, PS2, etc? What hardware/software are you using?

S-Video should be able to capture 480i just fine. Anything higher (with the exception of 480p which I don’t know about really) requires hardware that still hasn’t hit the consumer level so far as I know. It takes a bit of a beast of a card to suck down HD resolution output, and last time I looked there wasn’t something available at consumer price levels.

If you’re not concerned about consumer price levels well, then, I got nothing.

I would like to know as well what equipment is used, consumer prices be damned.

Matrox Axio LE - around $5000 (CAD)
AccuStream 170 - around $3000
Unigraf UFG-03 - hard to find a price

Edit: I thought Canopus did this kind of thing too, but can’t find anything for HD beyond HDV capture, which doesn’t help in this kind of scenario.

Excelent, thank you Fugitive.

Now to justift such prices to the warden and i’m golden.

Couldn’t you get a standalone DVD recorder with an s-video input?