Car chases and Gunfights: The Good Guys

Did anyone else catch this pilot today on Fox? It stars Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks as two cops investigating small crimes. I found the show pretty funny. Plus the gunfights and car chases were pretty awesome. I’m definitely in. For now at least.

My wife and I loved it.

“One Mile from the stripping club”

I hadn’t even heard of it, but I’ll give anything with Bradley Whitford a shot. Plus, it looks silly.

FYI: This is from the creator of Burn Notice.

This show was AWESOME! I’m so glad Tom Hanks built a time machine and traveled from 1984 to the present to make an 80’s buddy cop movie into a tv show. (Seriously, Colin looks exactly like his dad did in the 80s. He was even wearing some sweet 80s shades in the episode.) I love that the show makes no intention of taking anything seriously; the show wants to be fun and the cast really makes it happen. I will definitely be tuning in in two weeks.

Oohhh, how did I forget about this? Time to torrent!

I enjoyed the pilot. There’s a lot of room for improvement but I will watch a few episodes. It doesn’t surprise me that it’s from the Burn Notice folks, it reminds me of that show in both good and bad ways. In both cases I’m totally down with the 1980’s, good-guys-shooting-up-the-bad-guys television that is mostly trying to be fun and entertaining, without all the self-importance of a lot of current tv shows. In both cases I think they are trying a little too hard and should let it be a cop/investigative show first, and let the humor and sensibility come into play as it falls, instead of trying to jam pack every moment of the show with post-modern wit.

Does anyone remember the Burn Notice episode where they bulletproofed a car by stuffing the doors with phone books? I loved that.

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Nice to see an hour-long action-comedy without the trappings of an overarching arc that outstays its welcome (see: Burn Notice, Chuck, etc.).

Really fun pilot, even if Hanks’ lack of a Southern accent is slightly incongruous.

It’s not that unusual for Dallas. I’ve met any number of people from there and at there that didn’t have a particularly thick accent.

That was enjoyable, though. It’s a good model for a summer series and it does well. Aside from the fact that the broadcast networks have absolutely no idea how the summer season works and when to start it (AFTER THE FOURTH, MORONS) and that could potentially have a deleterious effect on all the shows that are being kicked off in a few weeks if they don’t handle it properly, I’m hopeful about this show.

That was awesome. I hope #2^H1 assassin Pedro is a recurring character.

Thankfully this is on Hulu already. I loved it without reservation. I also liked how no one was completely incompetent like in most comedy shows.

Unfortunately, it debuted weak. I’m forced to wonder why they put it in front of American Idol instead of behind it. This show needs more love.

I just watched it, and I adored it. It was funny, charming and even a little touching. I hope it does well.

It was really fun. Too bad it’s on Fox and not cable.

Holy shit this is awesome!


It wasn’t too shabby. Colin Hanks didn’t get his dad’s innate charm but still did a pretty good job. I like Bradley Whitfield in almost everything (including this) but his accent was terrible and really got in the way of his delivery. The DA’s was less grating and there is nothing wrong with the fashion model version of Kristen Bell. The fence/thief guy gets to play the same exact role he did in The Shield. Nia Vardalos is not seriously 48, is she?

There is potential here. Reminds me a lot of Andy Barker, P.I., which is a great thing for me but a terrible thing for the show.

I thought that was entertaining.

FWIW, the DA was one of the stars of Reaper.

I KNEW I recognized her from somewhere. Thank you. Ben’s demon girlfriend rides again. Sweet.