Car "protection packages" : scam, yes?

So I pick up a new-to-me gently used car on Friday. The dealer wants to sell me an $895 (“special, regular $1200!”) “total protection package,” which includes vaguely described stuff such as “paint protection” and “leather protection.” It does not include that 3M type plastic film, which is already on the front of the car.

I assume this is something I should not purchase? Any insights?

Sounds scamtastic.

New car protection packages for paint and cloth and so forth are pure money for dealerships. They are almost pure bullshit.

I had a dealership tell me one time that the paint protection package included clearcoat on the paint. They informed me that the manufacturer doesn’t apply clearcoat to the paint; they do as part of the protection package. The manufacture only puts on the base color coat. I knew this was bullshit, so I called the Chevrolet support number and asked them about this infront of the salesman, and let the lady on the phone explain to the salesman how that is untrue. Needless to say I didn’t get that package.

Don’t purchase anything you can’t physically see. How would you know if they really even put it on?

  • Alan

Utter ripoff. Avoid at all costs.

Thanks. I shall pass.

I actually think that some parts and service warranties are a good idea (bumper to bumper protection can be, for example…though obviously the average is a gain for the dealership, or they wouldn’t offer it). But things like this? No way.

The last few times I’ve bought a car they always claimed that the protection package was ALREADY APPLIED, so you couldn’t actually take it off the purchase price. Crafty on their part, but still easy enough to sidestep with “Okay, then either special order me one without it, or we’ll just consider it a freebie since I didn’t ask for it”

Last car I bought I warned the sales person if the finance guy mentioned warranty once, past where to sign to waive it, I would walk out. They handled it well, never mentioned it. I will never ever again be trapped listening to that pitch, if they start in, I am walking out.

What, do they think everybody hasn’t seen Fargo?