Car repair books

I’m thinking about doing my own work on my cars and was wondering if anyone had any book suggestions for this kind of thing?

I have a Saturn and my wife has a (shudder) Pontiac, both from the late 90’s.

No idea if they exist in the States, but Haynes manuals are pretty good for the run of the mill to relatively advanced DIY mechanic.

Factory service manuals. Unbeatable detail. Assumes you moderate mechanical knowledge.

I have a very small amount of car knowledge. any general purpose or theory books that are good and could get me up to speed?

Depends on what sort of work you intend to do and how good you are with a wrench. John Muir’s “How to Keep Your <ABC> Alive” series are aimed at the beginner while the Haynes and Chilton manuals provide more depth and are aimed at those doing more advanced work. All of these cost in the $20-30 range. Factory service manuals cover every nut and bolt in detail while being accessible to the beginner but can be quite expensive ($100+).