Car Talk : Anyone own a Ford Edge?

Looking at the 2011’s and planning on getting some kind of new vehicle in March of 2012, anyone own a current or older model? How’s the reliability? Gas millage ? Do you like it after a few years of owning it?

I heard the Chevy Equinox is similar, but with better fuel efficiency.

I don’t own one but they do intrigue me, mainly for the tech that is available. Here is a review you might want to check out.

What are the criteria that attracted you to the Edge? I ask not because I like/dislike the Edge, but because its so big (4000lbs) for only seating 4-5 people.

ah, well I really like the look of the vehicle, I haven’t drove one yet so I can’t comment on the ride , also my company has the ford X plan , so I am looking to take advantage of that.

i did notice its quite a heavy vehicle and that will affect gas millage.

i have looked at the Ford Escape but its the last model year for that vehicle, and I don’t want to get something that won’t be out on the road next year, plus the ride in the escape is far more truck feeling than I like.

I’ve only seen the Edge in the showroom, but it looks nice for a (large) SUV. I have a 2010 Fusion Sport, which has been fabulous, and it’s the second Ford in a row (third overall) that I’ve owned. Been quite happy with the blue oval boys.

I was hoping this thread would have something to do with these guys:

I am disappoint.

Of the Fords, I agree with Wombat on the Fusion or, better yet IMO, the 2011 Focus

Then again, these are smaller vehicles so it depends on what you need it for. I have two kids, but never do much hauling of big stuff so I have a car. If you have many kids, or need to haul stuff, maybe the Edge is better for you. I do know the smaller cars will get better mileage and will drive better too.

I’m surprised Tim Langdell let that one go.

Nope no kids, just myself. I think what I like about the Edge is that you seem to sit higher (because its an SUV!). I travel the PA turnpike quite a bit (3-4 times a week), and my current Mazda 3 seems like this little ant on the roadway.

The 2011 Focus is similar to what I have now , so I don’t really want another hatchback.

I wish the 2012 Escape would be out already. :(

Yeah, I had a Focus ST sedan and liked it; I got the Fusion Sport because I wanted something a tad bigger and more sophisticated but couldn’t afford a BMW ;p.