Carcassone - Perhaps Next Week?

Basically says it all.

This seems like it would be a great PC casual game to play at work instead of on your couch.

Finally, a game where four players can play on the same console.

Aren’t there other games with 4 players? Cause that was one of the reasons I bought my 360.

I didn’t even think of that… it would definitely be playable by 4+ people locally as there are no hidden aspects to the game. I may never have to open my physical copy again!

Fusion Frenzy 2 and the FIFA games are the only ones I can think of. I remember when my friend bought Madden 07, he was so excited to finally get his hands on a game that four of us could play on the same machine. Well, it turned out that Madden 06 and 07 are both limited to two players on the same machine.

I had an absolute blast playing FIFA: World Cup 2006 at my cousin’s place. Four player games on the same machine are definitely under-represented on the machine.

Perhaps the basketball games on the machine allow 4 players?

I feel like I got ripped off all of a sudden.

There’s a few, some like Aegis Wing are even free.

Ahhh! Too many XBLA games! Ok, not really. But this will make three weeks in a row of games I’m definitely getting. I shouldn’t complain, I just shouldn’t have wasted my gamer points on, say, TDU cars I’ve never even bothered to get in the game once I downloaded them.

So basically, hooray!

There are lots of 4-player games, including many (most?) sports games.

Also, Heavy Weapon is a good XBLA one.

By the way, a birdie told me that it’s probably best not to get your hopes up about Carcasonne next week. ‘Soon’ was the best I could get.

Woot! I picked Carcasonne up just now, should be up for some multiplayer matches tonight if y’all want some easy pickin’s for your “Top of the Heap” achievement. (send friend req’s to SheepSalad)

I’ll be up for some a bit later, depending on other commitments. Played a couple of single-player rounds just now, and it seems like great fun. Anyone, feel free to add me if you want a match. Gamertag’s fuzzydevil.

I’ve thrown out a lot of friend requests over the last few days, so if you haven’t added me, now is the time.

I’ll get online and play that.

I may get my net back today. I will be busy playing games.

Played against the 360 last night. I suck. ;-)

Great game, though. I really hope we see more classic strategy boardgames coming our way.

I played it last night too. I had the AI on expert, and it beat me twice, the second time by two points. Part of my problem is that I can’t tell where the farmers are effective. It shows you the farm area when you initially place the farmer, but I can’t tell how effective the farmer is after that, so I don’t know when to add farmers if the AI has tied or overtaken me in an area.

I play with the US rules, as those are the ones I’m used to. The game is cheesy enough without giving 4 points to a 2 area city. I don’t really understand the international rules on the scoring of the farmers, so I didn’t use those.

Hold the back button. That’s the ‘strategy’ button, whatever that means, but basically lets you see the different farm areas that the different players have pieces in.

Any opinions on it yet? I haven’t purchased it yet, mostly because I just now got my 360 back, but this is on my short list. What do folks think?