Carcassonne (iPhone/iPad)

This awesome iphone board game adaptation was just released in the last couple days. It plays VERY well and has gotten wonderful reviews.

Let’s get some gaming going!

Add me as a friend: brianpollmann (at) gmail (dawt) com

I played this a bit this afternoon. Not sure I’m getting it it so far.

Thanks Aes and roB! One a game is running I can’t seem to play any nor al games tho. Clicking the icon takes me right to the MP ge and turn waiting

I’m guessing you typed this on your iPad?

Naw, it’s his Kiwi spelling. I can translate if you’d like. :-)

Typed on iPhone while lying on my back while my boy tried to eat my face.

…and you do not want to know where I typed this…

And apologies for not checking if it made sense.

And to switch between games, click on the settings cog and chose pause or next table!

… be sure to flush.

I’m game for some of these as well - it appears that email is the only way to go about adding new people.
If that’s the case then fire off me a message ducker_3 (at) yahoo…

I’d be up for trying this. I’m chuck (atsign) storyroot (period) com

signed both of you up. Will start a 5 player once you guys accept.

Ttjarks1(at) Would love to play

I’ve done quick play games, are there different modes that let you take longer or lets you know when it’s your turn like words with friends? I automatically lost when the time ran down.

my email is: nikb (atsymbol) mac (daut) com

I love this system of multiplayer gaming. It’s the future!

I’m up. Alex (aaaaat) Pavloff (doot) net

Bought this on day one, and very impressed with the translation to the iPhone. I’ve played a few games of the tile-based board game and never really got into it, mainly because on our board-gaming nights we’d play one round of it and then move onto something else. Being able to curl up on the couch and play the AI in quite a few games back-to-back means that I’m finally ‘getting it’.

The only MP game I’ve played so far the other player bailed when I started beating him, keen for more. monza 27 at gmail dot com

Man, Tom really does let anyone register on these boards now. Invite inbound Monza :)

Heh all the riff-raff are here. Hi Monza.

I’m a big, big Carcassonne fan and bought the iphone version in seconds. It’s a gorgeous port.

The funny thing is I’m always getting caught out when the AI (even Easy) plays “mean” going for your towns in a way I never play the board-game with my wife.

I’m a little fuzzy on making new games - if you want to invite 2 new people to the same game, do you send the email to both of them? Or is there some other way to invite multiple people to a game once you’ve invited one person?

Never played the boardgame, but I’m in:

I’ll give it a go. nlerickson at the gmail thingy.