Card Hunter: F2P Browser Game/Dungeon Crawl/TCG


IIRC the major advantage to the Steam version is that it gets to have a permanent offline cache, so you don’t have to effectively re-download all the art every time you fire up the game.


Well, that and if you want to buy more content and happen to have cash in your Steam wallet…


Only reason to use new characters is if you want different class/races in your party.


Holy $hit, just had a legendary treasure drop from beating Marvelous (was a fun adventure!): tarnished crown for 1k gold. Was starting to think all treasure was underwhelming, haha.

Edit: 4 legendaries today. Maybe I should play lotto?


Card Hunter is one of my favourite games of the last few years. But this new expansion sure is puzzley. I think I’ll return to some of the earlier maps.


Did someone say you could earn enough Pizza or whatever to buy the expansions or cosmetics without spending cash?

Debating getting the $20 basic bundle. I’m definitely enjoying the game even though I’ve never been into tabletops, but still unsure.


Every time I open Card Hunter I have to say that the artwork and presentation just gives me a warm feeling.


FAQ says pizza is not earnable - though they do sometimes give it away.


You do get a free 80 pizza right after the tutorial to buy one new figure (you can save it and buy a week of membership instead, or combined it with your purchased pizza).


I ended up getting the basic edition since I was enjoying it far more than any other game I’ve been playing. Are the PvP chests all daily rewards? As in can you get a chest for every win 1-20 or whatever every day? That would be super cool, though they’d probably need a shitload of items to keep up with that.

If anyone wants to do coop sometime, I’m Patremagne ingame.


You can earn up to 150 pizza for free iirc. You always earn a free chest in PVP for wins, yes. But you have to win, which can take time.


What a great balance between a casual aesthetic and deep enough to be engaging gameplay. The draw of cards instead of building a hero means you won’t come up with a perfected “build” that you repeat ad nauseam.


Our group started enjoying this today as 3 person coop. It has to be one of the better games for the parents to just run off and tend to their baby since it’s turn based and no arbitrary timer. I am not sure if that is a setting with strangers or not. The only bug we’ve had so far is I suddenly lost the ability to type in game so i stuck with the one that had a mic who relayed the info.

Although I find the voice actin a little… grating, I like the art style and the throwback approach.


So, some people have said they spent money for the game. If you did, what compelled you to do so? What do you feel you were getting?


Yes - if you can win 20 games a day, you can get all of those chests. The good value-to-time is usually going for 1 or 3 wins to get the lowest-effort ‘good’ chests, but if you’re really into it, the 20 are there. There are a lot of items, but it does get to the point where you’re selling most of what drops to build up your gold (to then buy specific epics/legendaries, the really rare stuff).

I’ve spent probably $30 now, total. I played this quite a bit when it came out originally, all for free. Last year, I got the Basic Edition as part of the Humble Bundle which got me back into it, and I was playing/enjoying it enough that I appreciated the extra item drops from being in the Club, so I did another month of that at one point. Stopped playing for a while… picked it up again with the Steam release and the new expansion. I put down the $$ for the new expansion, both because I’d like to see them keep putting effort into the game, and because I’ve got a vacation coming up where I’m going to have some browser gaming time, and hey, it’s still fun.


Just like Kyrios (and most folks) the pittance they ask for the Basic membership is a big value for me. I only did it the one month (at launch, I haven’t really gotten back into it since) but it was a no-brainer for me. I think once I get some spending money again and some free time here in a few weeks I may re-sub and pick up the expansion content, and roll up a new party and start over to help get back into the swing of things, and then switch over to my level 19 party and keep going with them. I’m glad it’s on Steam now, that makes the process just a little easier.


This weekend will have more free stuff, in celebration of the game’s 2nd birthday.

Yes, it’s hard to believe, but Card Hunter is turning two this weekend. To celebrate, we’ll be running free leagues with special prizes, the loot fairy will be just about everwhere and each day you’ll get epic chests just for logging in.

Starts Friday at 8 PM Eastern.


How is that space expansion. I never found the time to play it?


So I went back and played this some more over the anniversary weekend this weekend. I got a couple of nice epics from the free chest each day, but I was disappointed that despite winning several battles and completing a couple of modules, I never once saw the loot fairy. I must have terrible luck or something, as I thought he was supposed to show up pretty much everywhere over the special anniversary event.

In any event, either I suck at this game or it gets a lot more difficult fairly quickly around the Level 7 adventures. I was having real trouble getting past one of the Level 7 modules with a bunch of spear-wielding troglodytes and their wizards. I finally managed to win (after many defeats) by tweaking my equipment slightly to give me a few more special effect cards (at the cost of some of my general attack and movement cards). It was all very tinkery, but again it could also have been a run of bad luck as well, as for awhile it seemed like every mob had two armor cards and I was rolling nothing but ones and twos.

I still enjoy playing this game, but the sheer amount of “stuff” you accumulate is overwhelming. I spent more time looking at items/cards and trying to judge the best combinations of equipment than I did actually playing the modules. I still have backpacks full of stuff I’m not using that I dare not sell because it might be useful later on or if I get the right power tokens (which don’t seem to come along very often either).


I have not played this in a couple of years, but apparently some people still do!

Maybe I’ll load it up again for the birthday celebration. It’s almost like a new game now, it’s been so long.